Aquablad's Card Review - Voice of Truth


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This week I will review the six new cards that were added to the game following the Adventure Pouch announcement. Throughout the week I will give you guys my opinion on each card. Every article will have a list of decks which give these new cards a home.

The fourth card is Voice of Truth.

Voice of Truth has given Green a unique tool and desperately need it. Green’s toolbox was restricted to power ups like Elderwood Embrace and the teleportation of Sagami Grovecaller. Outside of these two types of cards Green was very linear.

Voice of Truth offers three tools:

  • An answer to creatures that grow: Zealous Crusader, Firebringer, Soul Eater.
  • An answer to Apex Predators that can scale higher than standard Green creatures.
  • A way to restore damaged creatures to their original stats.

This creature offers all of these tools in one card! Green struggles against creatures that grow in power. Apex Predators punish Greens big creatures and before Voice of Truth it was impossible for Green to respond. This card can ‘heal’ your own creatures by restoring them to their original stats. This is a fantastic way of getting more value out of your creatures and maintaining board control.

Outside of her ability the Voice of Truth offers a sturdy Faeria harvester with a high life stat. This is especially good for Green because she becomes a great Feed the Forest target. One Green power up is enough to make Voice of Truth a reasonable threat, challenging popular creatures like Axe Grinder and Triton Trainer.

Mono Green

Green has been bouncing in and out of the meta throughout the history of Faeria. Green rush was the go-to mono Green deck on release but Voice of Truth has opened up more options for mid-range and control.

Mid-range Green is a great deck to start your Faeria journey. This list has no epics or legendary cards. Be sure to use Voice of Truth to recharge your big creatures once they’ve taken damage.

Green Red Crackthorn

Green Red Crackthorn is one of the most efficient decks in the game. Combining the power of Green’s creatures with the removal of Red leads to a menacing board control deck. However the deck does struggle against cards like Apex Predator but not anymore! Voice of Truth is a great tech option for this deck to help manage some of its bad match-ups. Depending on the meta-game you will want to limit yourself to either one or two copies of this card. The only issue is the deck lacks Feed the Forest so you can’t get that Faeria acceleration like mono Green.


Voice of Truth is one of my favourite cards from the set and gives mono Green a much needed buff. She offers a creative way of maintaining board control by healing your own creatures or bringing your opponents down to size.

My rating for this card is…

The truth has been spoken and that concludes this review. Up next is a spicy addition to Yellow, the Mistral Guide!


Too bad red doesnt have a way to deal with big creatures.

Anyway, great review. I shall give G/R Crackthorn a try! :slight_smile:








There are already content regarding yellow rush and how to beat it available (even on the hub). They helped me understand the match up and now I’m way better at it.

It’s like you don’t even try to look for the information you want.


dude I totally looked at that stuff and it doesn’t help.


It did helped me and other.

Maybe you’re looking for something that doesn’t exist ? Faeria isn’t a game where deckbuilding alone can solve a problem. You should adapt your playstyle. That’s the best counter to Y Rush.


I’ve recently discovered the usefulness of Voice of Truth. I really like to use it as a way to restore damaged creatures to original stats!


Not sure if always worth it tho. Sometimes buffs are better than use VoT for healing.
Useful card nevertheless since it can be used both for own and for enemy’s creatures


Hey Aquablad, just so you know, Voice of Truth doesn’t counter Soul Eater (and neither does it work on Archon) because it doesn’t negate the ongoing card text of Soul Eater (gains +1/+1 for each friendly creature that has died this game). So a Soul Eater will stay big. The only thing it would remove is a seperate buff played on Soul Eater, like Ruunin’s Guidance.

Just a heads up :slight_smile: