Balance Suggestions to fix the Meta



I have lost with Red Rush to the Sky Yak swarm deck. Sure a lucky rush wins, but an unlucky rush loses just as hard. However, I do leave the option open that I might have played the rush badly, but from what I have seen it’s a luck-based matchup.
In regards to Yellow Rush, I rarely played that, so I have no comments on the matchup but I definately take your word for it that it is the worst matchup.

I agree Red Control and Red Burn feast on it provided they draw Firestorm/Garudan at the right time, I did mention Red Control myself and Red Burn I named Red Events, considering how event-based the deck is.
However, I also have to say I lost twice with Red Control to the Yak Swarm because I didn’t draw Firestorm or Garudan until it was way too late. I never played Red (Burn) Events, so I have no comments on that, but considering it carries 3 Firestorm as well as a potential Garudan, on paper it works well.

That, and what are decks like Monogreen or Monoblue going to do against the Yak Swarm? I mean, in the end, every deck should have a moderate chance to win against any other deck, though a very greedy deck becomes more vulnerable to rush, and it should depend on player skill.
Not on what deck you decided to enter the ladder with.


Mono Blue can be fast

  1. I guess that fix is fine. A fix too could be to just make the copy from AC a dummy so that while it would contribute to future sky yaking, it itself could not be the one to summon the horde

2.yep. agree 100%
3. Wrangler is fine as is (no, I don’t play Y rush)
4. I would make Prayer 2F 2D. I don’t like 0 cost cards- they are almost always far too valuable for 0 resource cost. This way it would refund itself so you could still get an extra nerd out and/or draw a card while keeping 2F but you wouldn’t get a huge reward for having not managed your resources.
6. the change could just be “gain +2+2 whenever an opponent gains Faeria”. This would be in line with what the spirit of the card seems to be and it would be good vs combat and ramp. But yes, as it is- most unplayable card in the game.


As a Yak player I can state that true. Sure it is powerfull to flood the Board with Yaks, but it takes a huge amount of setup to do so. Thats why I play Ramp in ranked and not the Yak-Fun-Deck…


What do you mean by “dummy”? There are no “dummies” (whatever that means) in Faeria.


It should be a rule “do not suggest nerf decks, that you had never played yourself” (also “do not suggest nerf decks, that are not popular”). Some “dummies” saw opponent Sky Yak combo worked and lost their mind, without understanding sacrifices one has to make to have a chance to pull those combos.

And for those who say strong interactions between cards are bad are advocating for destroying all combo decks - thanks for wanting to make Faeria non-interesting.


is what I meant.


“Dummy” would be a completely new card type? Or “Dummy Sky Yak” would be a completely new card?


You know exactly what I’m getting at. I won’t be responding to you about this from here out.


I do not know how you will get “there”. Seems like you are not thinking through your own “proposals”.


you got me.
your being “sensitive” and intentionally “difficult” for “no” reason.

OBVIOUSLY it would be a simple interaction between AC and SkyYak to simply make the copy not summon all the other previous Yaks- and you know that’s what I was getting at.


I never directly suggested to nerf the Sky Yak archetype. I actually liked it until it smashed through my Red Combat twice (which has several Firestorm as well as Garudan) because I didn’t draw anything I needed for the entire game. Now I play Red Rush, which indeed should beat it all the time and I’m pretty sure that the only time I lost versus the yak swarm with rush was simply because I played poorly.

Also, I do not know if a direct nerf is needed. A large amount of set-up is needed for the deck to work, and I agree combinations should exist. However, I currently feel that if you just draw utter crap combo-decks just punish any deck that isn’t a rush deck too hard. And with Whales being as strong as they are, we do not need more incentives to rush.

Also, something else you probably know better than I do; how does it fare against the Skywhale decks?


Do you remember who (or what rank) your opponents were? curious. I think R Combat has an upper hand against that deck (not just because of aoe)

Skywhale is the best match-up for that deck

Combo decks are not consistent, therefore anything can beat them.


I think both were Godrank.
However, it’s worth noting I did have rather bad luck with my draws throughout the entire game, even before AoE would be relevant.

I assumed as much, just wanted to be sure.


Likely it was me :slight_smile:


Chances are you were amongst my opponents but if I remember correctly, it were two different players.