Custom Card Thread

Agenic or agenterric? Claimless? Unlandic? Unsighted? Nonexpansionist. Unexplorer. Unaiding. Unclaiming. Mapless?

Mapless doesn’t seem too bad. = Lacking the tool to provide information needed to build land. 7 letters. It doesn’t exactly describe the effect (like aterragenic does), but I don’t think anybody would assume it meant anything else.

Mapless sounds better, but Aterragenic is more accurate. Just less… child-friendly, I suppose. Then again, it seems most of the players of this game are adults, so maybe it is not as bad as it sounds. Eventually players get used to it.

Just wanted to leave this here. It’s a dump of all custom cards I’ve made to date.

I did see a few cool mechanics in there.

I like Agus Yanto, Arcanite Golem, Aurora’s Nightmare, Badlands Bounty Hunter, Bashful Fairy, Blood Harvest (although OP IMHO), Change of Guard, Greedy Sorcerer, Severe Punishment (although OP IMHO), Tower Shield, Unfair Judgement.

There are some truly crazy ones though, like Blessings of Bounty, Cloning Factory, Final Face Off, Tartaros, RV-KKV5.

Also, for some reason I think you play a lot of DotA?

I’m not sure if there’s an easy way to fully display all the images (say in a grid) on google drive.
If you want to make them easier for others to view you might want to try pasting them all onto a single image and uploading that.
For everyone else, you can just download the folder and browse offline.

Yes, it was quite annoying to open that. I really like some of the things though, the Bashful Fairy is one I remember especially.

Also, next time, maybe put it in several larger images and then make an Imgur library like I did? I crammed 50 cards in 5 seperate images and made my own page above.

I heard Swallow was complained about? Let me help!

Edit: Oops, typed “square” instead of “tile.” And Wolf isn’t bold. Oh well.

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Another hopefully unique creature.
Download function of the card editor is pretty bugged though, I have to screenshot it.

Shoobie Doo:

Edit: More fun.

Tricolor shenanigans:

What do you guys think?

Just some of my ideas to maybe bring green control back into the meta :slight_smile:

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Duno but Jasmine kinda already exists in the form of steam forge and tiki caretaker. Unless the idea is to combine the two into one card i would say it’s a bit underwhelming for a legendary. I really Saladin though :smiley: attacking twice is such a cool and interesting mechanic it just NEEDS to be in the game :wink:

On another note i really like your card ideas. They are unique and interesting

That was indeed the idea behind Jasmine. Just a Steam Forge that moves around and spreads a buff to a friendly. Indeed she may be a bit underwhelming, but she’s still very useful in her own way. She also has 4 health, which is far from bad, though with the special land requirement 5-6 HP may be better. 4 Forests and 2 Wild lands is a lot and forces any common multicolor deck to make an additional Forest for her, after all (comparing her to Crackthorn), and even monogreen may not want to make that sixth Forest after the fifth required for Thyrian Golems.
Note, however, that unlike Steam Forge - if there is nothing else on the field, Jasmine at least has the decency to buff herself.

Glad you like Saladin. I was quite worried he’d be too strong, which is why he’s so expensive.

Thanks :slight_smile:

How does Assassin’s Order work? You can’t give Haste to creatures on the board already, so it’d probably go to a creature in your hand?
Ent Lord is probably too expensive for what it does, but I like the last three cards though the Triton Flood Lord should probably be reworked into a Legendary because its gift and Last Word ability are quite crazy.
I just don’t know what to think about Gaia’s Curse, it doesn’t feel very Green-ish and an ability like that can easily get quite broken on a card that has a lot of HP or on a card that’s about to die and now just wants to take something with it.

I think jasmine could be buffed by making her production give +1/+1 although that would open up some combo’s like feed the forest that could easily become broken. Also I agree that 4 forests is a bit to much for what it does, but otherwise it could be an interesting card to use.

I realise that assassins order won’t work as I intended. The idea was that you would be able to move and attack with a creature that you’d summoned this turn but it wouldn’t really work because of powerups and creatures like queens assassin.

I agree that ent lord is under powered, I just would like to see empowered seedlings swarming the board :stuck_out_tongue:
Triton Flood Lord probably does need to be a legendary. Three of those in a deck would not be fun (For the opponent…)

Gaia’s Curse was bit of a mistake. I had cards like sagami warrior in mind but using it on a colossus against red would not be fair. Also tiki caretaker reverts the effects of the debuff so yeah, unfair.

If your wondering how divine and underground ursus fits together the idea is that the underground ursus is well… underground so it can’t be targeted by events.

Some other ideas + legendary flood lord.

I think a ranged creature that can walk and shoot on the same turn could be pretty cool (But maybe op because of elderwood embrace)

Hm. Black Hole is going to suffer from the same problem as the Tree of Everlife and Azure Skywhale. It has too high of a land cost and power to balance properly and will either end up too strong or utterly stink.

Zeulian is at least better than the Triton idea, being L and all.
Cylastis I like - healing or fixing up a debuffed creature definately synergizes well with both Thyrians and Verdurans which is great.
Flying Fish kinda sucks. It’s basically a worse Triton Diver… ew.

I like Deepwood Archer, but yeah, it’s very powerful with buffs. Maybe reduce any attack buff it receives by one? That prevents it from being buffed by Crackthorn at all and cuts all other attack buffs except a strong Gift of the Rakoa essentially in half.

This might work

I was afraid that flying fish would be underpowered. I had an idea to give it haste but then it would make to many synergies with gift of the rakoa and other otk’s

Command cards for the colors that don’t have them:

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Really cool concepts here. Dunu if they are gonna be to powerful and versatile but then again shifting octopus exists so yea, really cool :slight_smile:

Not just Shifting Octopus, Ruunin’s Guidance and Emperor’s command as well.

Still I think versatile cards are more a Green-ish thing.

Yeah, that’s definately better for Deepwood Archer. How does it respond to Crackthorn?
Will it no longer be hit by individual buffs after it reaches its maximum stats?

I guess so. I had in mind that if you tried to buff it beyond 2/4 it would just void the buffs but for Crackthorn I think it would work like Hellfire (once a creature is dead it doesn’t target it anymore) but with buffs.