Faeria Friday: Ruunin Seasonal Cup Recap

Ruunin Seasonal Cup Recap

The Ruunin Seasonal Cup took place last weekend, and the results are as follows:

Or, watch matches indvidually on YouTube:

Regarding Eggbot:

It’s become clear we have some more work to do to upgrade Eggbot after the recent changes to our account system. Don’t worry, once we fix it we’ll make sure to have another hatching period.

Khalim Open delayed one week

We’re going to delay the beginning of the Khalim Open tournament season by one week as we come off the heels of the Ruunin Seasonal Cup.

This means you’ll have one more week to register and prepare.

If you’re interested in streaming or casting official Faeria tournaments, please let us know in Discord so we can be sure to link to you!

Contractor Situation

As we’ve mentioned a few times now in our Discord and elsewhere, we’re aware of the current situation going on recently involving a contractor we brought on to help us in development of our Paypal webpage for Roguebook.

We’ve already made a few things clear that we will repeat now:

Roguebook is not a scam. We are not stopping production on Roguebook. We are actively working on Roguebook. The one-sided video brought to our attention is full of incorrect facts and misleading content, and was made without any significant effort in contacting us.

It’s difficult to comment more on this at this time due to legal concerns, but we’ll make sure to give some closure to this as soon as we can.

Anyway, we’re going to keep doing business as usual and sticking to what we know best: Making card games for you to enjoy on your various computer machines.

Roguebook Discord shops

Did you know you can earn gold and treasures just by chatting in Roguebook?

Well, you can.

Not only that, but you can use these things to buy fancy stuff like game keys and Discord emoji - or just reach the top of the leaderboards.

If you’d like to try it out, pop on over to our Roguebook Discord to see what the deal is.

Decks of the Week

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