Pandora Tournaments

When I think of draft formats I think of tournaments, and with the current implementation of Pandora:

  1. It is not possible to run a Pandora tournament
  2. Even if there was a way to run such, the randomness of the current Pandora could make it really, erm, random.

Regarding the first issue, it would be awesome to invite a friend to a match of Pandora, where you could

  1. Select the maximum number of wins in a match to decide a winner and
  2. Each player would run a Pandora draft to get a deck to play the match.

This would allow players to organize Pandora tournaments, at least the one where each match have unique decks.

I know there is a lot of works regarding adding native tournaments support to Faeria, and if something like that is planned — awesome! Just don’t forget about that there should be a way to run Pandora tournaments too :slight_smile:

And when there’d be a native tournaments support, it would be nice to choose from the method above (each match have its own Pandora draft) and the variant where the drafted deck is valid for the rest of the tournament. Although, this second variant would be too luck-involved, as with current chances to draw epics/legendaries some player could be advantageous for the whole tournament, as having 3 legendaries and having none could matter a lot.

I would highly appreciate the idea of a Faeria-like “Sealed Booster Draft” of common TCG formats with friends.

Just give the participants a limited time of maybe 7-10 minutes (420 - 600 s for 30 cards is 14-20 s per 5 card set) to craft their pandora-decks, add an “I’m ready” Button…

And play in Bo3/Bo5series or in a time limit of 30/45minutes (including the possibility of a draw) your pandora deck against your buddys.

Might be quite nice for catching new players as well.

  1. Start with an FtP account …

  2. play the tutorial …

  3. play a draft with friends without “being puniched” for not buying the full collection (yet ?!?) and only having a limited pool of cards in the case of a constructed decks

  4. Like it, feel the faeria-hype without being frustrated for getting pay-to-win stomped

As kizu menchioned…
“Competitive” Pandora tournaments might be quite hard to realize … the “may the odds be ever in your favor”- RNG is sometimes really crucial. :smiley:

But as just for fun with friends … it might be an amazingly funny adaptation to stuff which is in general already introduced.

Kind regards