Seasonal Cup - Aurora 2018 recap

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Aurora Seasonal Cup winners

Place Player Country Prizes
1 Minocaro France $1250
2 xged Lithuania $750
3 Donpork South Korea $400
4 happyjo South Korea $100

Final brackets

Tournament VoDs


After Donpork piloted his Blue Red Gemshell deck against two Rush decks in succession, resulting in some very interesting games in the Third Place series, he ends up squaring off against happyjo’s Blue Reaver deck in one of the best games of the day.
-Watch the entire Red Blue deck series here

Aurora Cup Decks

Here are all the decks used by the top four players!

1st Place - Minocaro

2nd Place - xged

3rd Place - Donpork

4th Place - happyjo

Deck links will be updated throughout the week.

Grand Final

Minocaro 3-1 xged
Yellow Tempo 1-0 Blue Green Jump
Yellow Tempo 2-0 Red Combat
Yellow Tempo 2-1 Green Yellow Sac
Curious Egg 3-1 Green Yellow Sac*