Swallow everywhere...it's pretty sad


Many cards are extremly strong and there are no equal cards. For example the new green unique with +7/+7 for every card at your hand every round, and immortal God. Today too much losses. And every time the same flowers, freaky fishes and frog tosser. I stop playin this game - the fun is gone. After the balance maybe the game is playable.


Same for me.


Run a deck with Meteor in Casual to troll them. That’s pretty funny.


Just got wrecked by an embarassing mix of all the new expansion cards lol.
Uninstalled. Cya when you remove the expansion crap.


good decision. i mean they had to nerv cards like three wisher or wild growth (which is useless now) and the molticolor cards are still way too op.

  • crystal flower is literally the for free removal for every deck except yellow rush, i mean even the green decks run it
  • sky whale is still broken af as said above, removing him is still way too hard.
  • there is some crazy combo with sky yak and auroras creation that just fills the board full of sky yaks. the whole board
    trolol, add in soul eater and gg
  • frog tosser creates instant value like the spider from green, but hes even stronger and creates a 2/2 frog

the decks using those oversky cards, and u can build many (i have seen krog decks+whale, mostly green/blue, but also red/blue) have just too many removal available. every card is a removal in their hand, so they just place lands, play netflix and chill and then whomp, whale, frog tosser, flower and ure done instant if you cannot reply with a flower/whale/frog tosser yourself. if u play a small creature -> frog tosser big creature? -> swallow
gg easy, no chance


Please Abrakham, i know we talk everyday about that but please tell us you will do a thing fast for the game.

Actually frogtosser, swallow and tree are horrible for the game.
Majority of my friend list stop to play because of that and are running away with other TCG.

I’m borderline to do same.

Forum i visit are dead too (except maybe reddit).

Just because the game is not fun anymore, bad gamedesign (i pick my OP card before you GG!).

I think it’s a really bad new for our small community cause little mistake can make the game down really fast (long wait for game so people stop so longer wait etc etc).

I love you Abrakham, please save yourself :smile:


got to try the blue/green skywhale deck now too, and its just trololol. every game is a mirror, and then both sit on skywhales in hand and both players wait for the opponent to play a big threat they can remove with skywhale, because u cannot swallow an enemy skywhale.but noone has a big threat in the deck, only small frog tossers, and tons of elementals. elementals kill each other and then u just wait till both decks are out of cards. #yolo
or someone swallows an elemental, then it gets exciting, because the enemy also swallows an elemental and boom, best removal for skywhale: another skywhale to fight with said skywhale, then its sky-over (oversky?) and both elementals come back out.
why complain there is no skywhale removal? there is: skywhale! ( because it cannot be swallowed and is 6/6 so frog tosser no kill it! )OP


I hope one day they remove or transform the swallow mecanic because it’s so horrible.

Most players complain about it and everybody play it (on ladder) cause you have to if you want to be competitive.

Look on reddit the large amount of rage with swallow xD


You could craft a poll to test public sentiment - there are many other parts of Oversky that have been disliked and have then been changed, so they’re listening.

Ask about alternate ways to fix it? There’s an unlimited amount of possible fixes. Some already suggested are:

  • Just keep balancing till actually balanced. This doesn’t fix the color identity issue though.
  • Make swallow blue (or another color, but blue seems best), then add completely different unique stuff for other colors (or shift some stuff around).
  • Make whale and flower only swallow adjacent creatures - or perhaps a 2 tile range.
  • Make whale and flower legendary.

Some other ideas:

  • Give whale or/and flower upkeep - e.g. “production - lose 1f”.
  • Make transformation release the creature instead. (probably bad idea).

Add your suggestions and I’ll make a poll if you want.
(IMHO we need more ones that aid color identity).

One thing I think might help is if the selection criteria for swallow was moved from the keyword to the individual cards - so that each card specifies what can be swallowed (e.g. swallow a creature anywhere on the map). IMHO the keyword should be as simple as possible - Just “keep a creature inside and release it when destroyed”.


Just wanted to bring this topic back to the top as I’ve been totally stuffed by swallow decks recently…and really put off playing any more…

…the higher the rank the more of these decks appear - so it’s obvious it’s they create very strong decks…

I’m Level 280 and rank 5 this month but whenever I’m beaten by a swallow deck I feel cheated…

Need a re-think here Faeria guys - or a Regurgitate card!

I’m off until something is done about this - Faeria is no fun any more :frowning:


I rarely see swallow, really. Atleast on ladder. Im in rank 11 as of right now. I dunno if there’s a lot of swallow in other ranks or in casual though.