There is no problem with Azure Sky whale, it's actually good for the meta


After the big patch i few answer about that.

Yellow rush and GB ramp are still everywhere (skywhale + aurora creation and obvious OP frog tosser …).

This game make me mad.

I always hope to find the lovely strategic game i found before Oversky but i think he’s dead now :frowning:

Who care about strategic land when you can just swallow / kill your opponent at the oposite of the map …


Yeah, Frog Tosser Is what really carried BG, and it’s still strong. Still, I find the new BG decks more thoughtful, with enchant instead of earthcraft to cycle, for example.

But I don’t face too many of them. Recently I faced a vast majority of mono Red, midrange or rush.
My feel is that the meta is quite diverse and changes daily. diversity does not necessarilly mean it is pleasant for every one, and yeah, it’s true that all top tier deck are heavy one tricks from hand (removal, haste, attack on summoning), which can be frustrating.

I personnally use an exotic Y Mistral tempo deck which is very very fun to play and totally board centric (placement matters). Oh, and it’s competive, comfortably carrying me to God, with a W/L ratio above 2 I’d say.