Two Turn Kill Deck against God Rank

Hey buddy´s
My name is Blackscape and today i want to show you this amazing deck!
I played against God rank 14 and win this rush! :slight_smile:
So this is my Vid. i hope you will enjoy and share it all over the wolrd :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And as alway´s leave a comment i like to read your thought´s about it! :slight_smile:


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So basicaly a race where draw RNG will decide the outcome of the game.

Deck like these and yellow altogether is why I’m starting to not like the game anymore.

actually these decks are really easy to counter :wink: so … these deck is a funn deck … :wink:

Tell that to the god rank you “cheated” out of a game. Even if you win 10% of your games with your troll deck, it’s still a troll deck and it must suck for a god rank to get matched against you.

I’m sorry, I’m sure your deck is fun to get victory with when the stars align. But toxicity wise, you’re trolling when playing it against high ranked players.

To be honest, the deck is partly to blame. The fact everyone these days seem to be racing for face position is a bigger problem.

Nice play, but i also feel you got a little lucky as well. He didn’t have a last nightmare.


i get your point :wink: sometimes i feel the same … but you have to realice that there will be alway´s decks like this … but you will alway´s have a counter to it!

@RobertNoble yes i was insanly lucky :smiley: … but luck is part of the game so :smiley: