What cards will/should be nerfed/buffed in the next balance patch?



Another interesting discussion/opinion on balance.

And my thoughts on Wavecrash Colossus being too cheap:

Wavecrash Colossus is so good, all the jumpers and faeries are great at collecting faeria and Colossus’ cost come down in no time. It’s a bit OP I think. Blue is best at collecting faeria so this requirement of collecting from enemy wells is very easy for blue. Add to that Wavecrash Colossus’ initial cost is 2 faeria cheaper than Windstorm Colossus and 1 faeria cheaper at minimum, it seems like blue has an unfair advantage, even though Windstorm Colossus has Dash 3. The Barbarian Ogre (same stats, 7/7) really got the short end of the stick when you compare all the 7/7…


frogify: 13 mentions in this thread.

Abrakam is trying to remove cards that are unfun to play against like the old Lord Of Terror but hard removal is in my humble opinion much worse since there is no counter play involved. You can destroy large 10/10 creatures eventually but you can’t undo a frogified creature.
Cards like Aurora or Garudan are only so strong because they have an immediate effect. But the ability to remove high Faeria cost creatures instantly make cards like Tethra less valuable because of the removal makes large faeria investments unappeeling.
I agree with xplorings link to the reddit threat. It should come either with an high investment or an additional condition to play it. But the way it is now it’s way too efficent. And Faeria is based on board control and making efficient trades.


For Garudan, for me it’s more their total damage.

For me, Garudan / firestorm deals on average - at a guess - ~3 kills, ~5 targets, ~12 damage.
Effectively that’s 5 flame bursts most of which do full damage. Sure they’re necessarily simultaneous, but that’s the effect of ~15 faeria with a cost of 6.

For me, most of the annoyance feel of hard removal is because there’s only 2 cards and thus lots of hard removal means an expensive hand rather than skill. It doesn’t annoy me in pandora.

Ideas to make hard removal less “cheap” feeling.

  • Frogified unit’s card goes back into player’s hand - no discount tho.
  • Last nightmare - a nightmare debuff means unit dies next turn instead of immediately - fits the spell name.
  • Some sort of notification. I wonder whether some cards should notify the opponent that they’ve been drawn, and can’t be played for 1 turn. But that would be a major new mechanic.


My idea for frogify would be that the target creature turns into a frog and gets -3/-3 but can’t kill a creature. So it will turn a 3/3 creature to a 0/1, or a 7/7 will turn into a 4/4.

Another idea I was that frogify could only applies to the base stats. So if you use Elderwood embrace on Garudan it turns it into a 8/10 (6/6 plus +2/+4) and now if you use frogify it turns it into a 4/6 (2/2 plus +2/+4).
I think that would be fair.


If the target doesn’t turn into a frog, then it’s just another version of humbling vision. I like your first suggestion better.

I really like these 2 ideas. Sounds kind of fair but does the removal job as well. The new Last Nightmare’s implementation is very fitting to its name. :+1:


No it does turn it into a frog :confused: just the effect is different instead of a 2/2 frog it could be a 4/6 frog :confused:
The picture would still change

The thing I dont like about his first suggestion is that it doesnt turn the creature into a frog :confused:
So it would be a totally different card


That’s true. May be turn his creature into a frog and give him back the original card?.. May be not.

Your idea sounds good then. :+1:


Frogify needs to stay the way it is. You mess with hard removal and then big creatures and green just get out of control. HS has removal and it’s fine




Sorry, that’s what I intended. The target becomes a frog and you get the original card back.
However, this could be abused when the unit has a gift - eg, Tiki Healer or Garudan.
Maybe you’d have to make it enemy-only.

I’m not sure. IMHO I think it reduces its value too much. Especially your second idea, which you could almost use it as healing + give jump.


As a mono green player i’m having a hard time vs frogify, but then again it is supposed to counter big creatures and probably is less valuable against other decks. A card i would like to see nerfed is wavecrash colossus. As you already mentioned its too easy for blue decks to reduce the faeria cost. My solution is making the minimum cost 5 faeria.


That sounds good. I was thinking maybe start at 10 and minimize at 5 like Windstorm Colossus. May be make Barbarian Ogre the same but with the number of enemy creatures died in combat, kind of fit with the theme of red (like bloodfire wisp)…

With Frogify, I agree we shouldn’t nerf it too much, blue has nothing to deal with big creatures otherwise. May be give the 2/2 frog a safeguard when it’s transformed so that it can’t be killed in the same turn, it’s harder to anyway, so frogify doesn’t seem so OP. What do you think? @Jeffbert


safeguard sounds a bit op :smiley:
But I do agree that something has to be done about frogify :confused:
Blue jump deck is so strong currently



one we tend to overlook a little bit: Syland Horsemaster .

This guy single-handedly tips a game, and is utterly indefensible. I would SERIOUSLY recommend nerfing his gift to CHARGE 2 instead of 3. Just so at least it can be played around a little bit.

axe grinder and blue’s (mystic beast?) that have +1/+1 at wells? …definitely think an hp or atk point needs to be dropped -1.

legends aurora and garudan I think need to be nerfed a bit.

wind charger also needs to be nerfed, maybe from +2 per event to +1 per event, or reduced to 3hp (I mean holy yak he’s only 3 faeria, come on)

and last, but not least, scourgeflame OMG O_O;;;;


no, but seriously, half my games are against mono-blue jumpers , and that is an auto-loss for me because I do not play windstorm charger or hellfire.

I mean, I play everyday, because I kind of made an explicit choice to lay back and enjoy myself for some time, …but now it is getting really pretty hard to enjoy myself when half my games are against this insanely OP deck.

…and while I feel that mono-blue jumper

can we get an ETA on a balance patch?


If return a card into the hand of its owner, then Ruunin will be the strongest card in the game. No possibility to fight with it. Now you can make it a frog and take her away from the battle, but you suggest to get rid of this way. In my opinion, it is bad.



Windstorm Charger: Base stats from 2/4 to 1/4

Wind Soldier: Charge 3 to Charge 2

Triton Trainer: 2 Lakes to 3 Lakes

Buffs for crap cards everyone laughs at:

Lord of Terror: 0/6 to 0/8

Shaytan Monstrosity: 4 Deserts to 3 Deserts

Sharra, Dragonslayer: 7f to 6f

Krog, the Ogre King: 12f to 10f


hmm, I think the problem with windstorm charger (and snowstorm lancer,) is their +2 atk synergy with events, which is easy to get astronomically high too easily.

what if you made that synergy just … +1?

…also shara is a pretty good card to use, (especially with health buffs.) …I don’t like to see legends gain in strength or predominance… …and lord of terror has really huge potential with any burn deck, if you used him correctly. (keep him in back behind your wells until he gains in strength, initially for defense, and then shoot him forward with syland horsemaster or sagami teleport or whatever when he gets big.)


I was watching Luuu’s stream and there were some really good ideas for balancing, like adjusting land cost, faeria cost, conditions for removal (e.g. only works on creature with more than 5 attack).

May be going the wrong way with changing what the cards do rather than the condition allowed to play those cards.


you know I actually watch his games when I go on youtube, but I never saw that particular video.

I think I asked him in a comment section about it, but it seems the devs are pretty tight-lipped about it.

probably don’t like discussing it, maybe too sensitive about it.