1 steam account, 2 players, what to do?

I could use some advice here.

My family has 1 steam account that both my husband and I play on. I was looking for a free game my crappy 15-year-old-graphics-card computer could handle and decided to try out Faeria.

It’s fun, and I like it, but I am no Magic: The Gathering player. My husband, on the other hand, used to be a Magic Tournament player/judge, and I quickly realized this was his kind of thing. However I’ve already bound the steam account to my ID with my username and gone through a few tutorials etc.

I looked around and realized there’s no way to use 2 accounts from 1 steam ID - I guess there’s potential for cheating there - but I’d be perfectly fine with deleting my own account so he could start up his own and play this game with his own deck, ID, and username via Steam. I haven’t even finished the tutorial battles yet - I think I just got a yellow starter deck - so it wouldn’t be any skin off my nose to do that. But it looks like you can’t even reset your account, or can you?

Anyway, looking for advice on what to do. I feel pretty crappy about “stealing” this game from my husband, but on the other hand, he refuses to even look at this game if he has to do it under my already-started-up account.

Put the thumbscrews on him and make him use my username?
Find a way to contact the admin and get my account reset so he could use it?
Give up and just take this game for myself, and thumb my nose at him?
Share our account, 2 players on one account?
Is there a version of this game he could play that’s not from Steam and not connected to the Steam ID?

Really, any advice would be great, obviously I’m a complete newb here.

You can make another steam account for another faeria account, lot of players have two accounts. You can log into both faeria accounts from the same steam id once it’s setup, from what I have read. You can set yourself as the recruiter for the second account for more chests and rewards.

Sharing account is probably easier in terms of building collection.

Yes -two Steam accounts will work. I had to do this. Add a second account then go to settings in Big Picture Mode and allow family sharing. After logging into my second account I was able to set up a second Faeria account.`_

as others have said- just use two steam accounts. OR the hubs could just use whatever account you guys already have, his name etc wouldn’t make any difference to the game.