2v2 (apologies!)

Yes really, I’m gonna be that guy… I know that this is like the go-to suggestion for like every game, and I usually object and suggest other directions that should be emphasized… but yeah.

2v2 with a bigger map, and/or shared land, would be incredible. Simultaneous turns for your team probably, or one by one. This would be a fantastic way for experienced players to apprentice newer members. It would also have the perfect combination of (with teammate’s hands visible) “do this, no do that.” It’d be hard for one player to make all the decisions, given the wide variety of viable moves in Faeria (at least it seems that way to me so far).


1v1v1 on a triangular map also has lots of potential IMO!


I wanted to ask about it myself, but was always lazy to express my ideas, so thank you. :smiley:
I was thinking about having a bigger map, two Orbs, and the ability to control the ally’s cards. Of course this would require an in game chat, but I think that was suggested before.

@Womble Wow, yes that would be awesome as well, would lift the strategies to a new level.

I was going to suggest this, I’m at least 12 days too late :confused:. I’d love to see 2v2, it would would get crazy but be a whole lot of fun I’m sure.

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I would like to see this as well, but it may be a bit problematic to work. Some of my ideas for 2v2.:

  • battle timer reduced by 25% for each player to speed up a bit.
  • turns.: friendly - enemy - me - enemy, or something like that.
  • ally cant control my units but may use my terrain (same for enemy) however can buff each other units and such (moving islands, moving units with events,etc.)
  • bigger place to fight with more faeria wells or such
  • whenever 1 player is killed from a team ends the match by a loss for that team (avoiding 2v1)
  • team chat for that battle with ally (same for enemy)

Even if devs consider this as a new game mode, it may take a lot time to make it live, however it would really make this game unique and not some copy/paste of HS.

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I don’t recommend this game in general. 10/0