2v2 mode

Well, I guess, now is the time to re-raise this question. I recruited my friend to Faeria, who is more social than me, and one of his first impressions is “they should make 2v2 format”.

I thought about it, and though idea has some serious counters, it can be potentially great. Especially now, when game was launched and number of players is growing. Here is what I would suggest for the best player experience:

  • Pre-made parties with friends only. 2v2 requires communication and playing with stranger have no benefits to it.
  • Only one queue, without casual and ranked divisions. This is the measure to stop spreading playerbase and growing queue time.
  • Both players go at the same time. So you dont have to wait 3 turns for action. Potentially this opens some great cooperational combos.

I think, this would a great mode! At least an awesome experiment. What do you think?


Hey ! Co-op mode announced in the expansion coming in summer :

That sounds cool !

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Yeah, that’s great! Though, co-op vs AI is not the same as against people. Hope it will be successful and devs would consider PvP 2v2.

PLSSSSSSS 2v2 multiplayer :3. A mode like that will boost the comunity of the game.