3 bugs

I tink I found 3 bugs: when you transformatie a creaturen that is standing on a oceaan tile in a Frog it should die becouse the Frog he Transformer in hasn’t aquatic or flying.
The seconden Bud is that when Some cards are played they glich tot a wrong Palace
The third bug is that when you play twinsoul spirit without the spelletjes that says: the next creature you play cost 2 lessen tot cast, it dies instantly, the first twinsoul spirit stays on the battlefield, but you can’t move it.

The first thing you list is not a bug, creatures without will die in the end of the owners turn if they stand on a tile they are not supposed to stand on (for example if an aquatic creature is standing on a land tile or if a non-aquatic stand on an ocean tile.
The second bug, what creatures do you mean? Is it possible that your using dash?
Will look up the interaction with Twinsoul Spirit, thanks!

Sorry about my first writing, I was writing on my phone and I didn’t knew that it was correcting my tekst.
I didn’t mean dash creatures: when an opponent plays a card you see it at the left of your screen. But sometimes the card went behind your deck and you can’t read it.