40 damage to gods quest

Hi, I’m new to Faeria, just got it this week, and today I got quest ‘deal 40 dmg to gods’. As any(almost any, I think) noob player I play with mostly green deck with no direct dmg to opponent. So, when my big creatures are close to enemy god, and I feel win in my hands in few turns, I get it earlier, because opponent surrenders. Bad thing is that when he surrenders I get no points to the quest. I suggest changing quest to “win 2 games”(if there isn’t one like this) or add remaining hp of enemy god to quest, when opponent surrenders.


I totally agree with that. It’s sad to say, but usually, at some point when players see that the game is going to an end and they’ll be going to loose, they surrender. Doing this, we haven’t the opportunity to fulfill this quest properly.

I presume that an elegant way to modify it would be to change the condition for that one mentioned earlier in this post.

I also had the same problem. I solved this problem by making a red deck with cards that deal damage to the opponent after battle or by other effects such as last words or gift.

thats true you could dmg yourself and get points towards it as well.