50 damage to enemy daily quest not working?

Hi, new to faeria.

I have a daily quest “deal 50 damage to enemy”.

Is this suppose to work only on pvp and not vs. AI?

I played vs. AI pandora but the progress is not developing.

If so, I think the quest needs to specify this, it’s a bit misleading.


No quests work in vs AI

I agree. It should specify in the description of the solo game modes “does not progress dailies”. It will be easier than altering the descriptions for all quests.

This is a good idea and will help reduce the confusion.

Solo games vs AI are intended to progress your Daily Quests, but there is currently a bug that the new Pandora Single Player does not do this. We’re working on fixing it.


After the bug is fixed, will the Practice runs of solo Pandora progress dailies as well or just the full ones?

Yep, shouldn’t make a difference.