6 New Cards revealed in August Monthly Cup

thanks to @Sulphur

See the new cards, including the previously revealed ones, in action:


Im really looking forward to some Balloon Fish / Shaytan Assassin combos!

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Yeah, I was thinking got to watch out for transform so need to have a reliable way to kill your own fish so the swallowed creature doesn’t vanish from the board forever.

You can use the Balloon Fish for offensive land or defensive blocker too.

Emerald Salamander synergizes well with the Rakoan Reveller and Yakkapult and Red’s combat creatures.

I really like the arts for the Mantas too. :smile:

Didn’t know what Manta is, so off to google. Watch them fly/jump out of the ocean here:

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  • Flight of the Mantas: - IMHO the description isn’t clear. “copy it” should be “add another copy to your hand” or something. Why is it an event and not a creature? Feels OP to me.

  • Manta Rider: - Seems OK, I like.

  • Path to Paradise: - Strange. Good for dash/haste creatures. Not sure about color identity.

  • Emerald Salamander: - Does it give +2/+2 total, and 2 damage total, or is it per creature? If it’s per creature (which it sounds like it is) then it’s basically a zillion times better than Blazing Salamander, and ridiculously OP. If it’s total, it seems OK (but needs to say how it’s distributed). Either way, the description needs a fix.

  • Curious Biomancer: - Weird name. Feels OP to me.

  • Balloon Fish: - Needs a description fix IMHO. It’s not confusing, but just not great Engrish.
    “If this can’t, this dies.” => “If it can’t, the Balloon Fish dies.” or “If it can’t, it dies.” or something.

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It has event synergy, so can play with chargers, and does not get buffed by skycaptain. I don’t know why but these are implications of it being an event.

They all feel OP, it’s more like which new card is not OP. :smile:

Yeah a few of the descriptions are needlessly complicated.

i am not and english boss, but i think there is a text problem with Path to Paradise, The “choose one” means nothing for me.
My favorite stay the Totoro Balloon!


Good point. I guess they try to make it the same as Earthcraft but couldn’t fit in all the land choices in the description.

Make it “Create one special land of any colour” and delete “choose one”, I think that’s better.

Salamander is just super op now that I think about it.

2/5 +2 damage +2/+2 buff usually, so that’s like 6/7 for 4 faeria, even better value than Shayton Demon (5/4 for 3 faeria) or Thyrian Golem (5/10 for 5 faeria). That’s the best value creature in the game. If it buffs a Rakoan Reveller then it gives another 2 faeria, incredible.

Reddit has a thread discussing the new cards too: