75 chests results

I have bought 75 chests with gems. I received a total of 2 legendaries.

IYea that was disappointing…

2 legendaries 21 epics 67 commons 285 commons

375 cards total.

Am I satisfied with the purchase? No. I expected 3 legendaries. I suspect rerolling a legendary card decreases your chances of getting another one anytime soon. Not sure tho…

Not sure if they changed it since release, but yeah most of the time people got 1 every 15-25 packs.

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Now im really dissappointed in my chest results… FML

That seems a bit unlucky (and no, legendaries are just a lot rarer than epics, re-rolling doesn’t change your odds), but on the + side, there are only a few legendaries that are OP, so generally, you’ve grown your main useful collection and scoring an extra legendary probably wouldn’t have helped very much.

This is the 3rd person I know had an “extremely low” drop rate of legends as compared to older players. Including myself. I have met several older players who always stated something like “1 legend in 20-25 packs used to be normal”. Based on this I am getting an idea that something has changed with the drop rates. Older players are seeing this as “unlucky” for newer players for now. But the fact is, if something has actually changed (I am not saying it has) with the drop rates everyone will face it soon enough. With the release of the new expansion. I will wait till then…

I have close stat after release:
81 boosters
26 Epic
3 Legendary

I came back to the game a week ago. Out of about 40 chests, I got 4 legendaries.

With a lot more players there’s going to be a lot more varying results so that’s what I’m going to chalk it up to for now, but yeah with a new expansion we should be able to get an average a lot easier.