9 wins in Pandora

Here it is! Yesterday, for the first time while playing Faeria during a week, I decided to try my hand at Pandora and built a very consistent deck)

I do not know if it is hard to conquer pandora from the very beginning to the end, because I’m novice to the game, but I gained a huge amount of game experience and pleasure :imp:

By combining red creatures dealing damage and yellow flying creatures, I was able to win 9 times and redeem 3 chests, 46 pandora points and 360 gold) That was awesome, I must admit) The only strategy with flying creatures is rushing your opponent down before he could sneak up near your orb. And red creatures help a lot by dealing tons of damage, especially when you do not want to be destracted by your opponent’s creatures. Also mass removals assisted me in such a challenge to annihilate opponents one by one.

Wish you guys luck with Pandora!)

Congratulations to your 9 wins! :slight_smile:
Im sure you will get many more!

Um, so where is the deck list? Just posted here to brag?