A bunch of suggestions


I’ve been playing this game for a week now and I’m enjoying it very much. You did a great job creating a great game, thank you! I’m really concerned about it’s future, so I’m here to share my suggestions.

  1. Online is very low and that’s the main reason why I came here. I know, that’s only early access, but the earlier you start building community the better. I heard that once the game will be released, it will be ftp. But maybe it’s better to make it ftp now. I know it’s pretty cheap, but most people don’t want to pay even 1$ for the game they see the first time.
    For example, you sponsored some Faeria streams by top hs players like Dog (that’s a very good idea btw, since hs players are clearly what you call the target audience). So I’m watching Dog’s Hearthstone stream and now he’s going to play Faeria. Most of his audience rages, because they came to watch hearthstone, not the game they’ve never played. You can’t understand what’s happening on the stream if you haven’t played the game! Card effects can’t be seen unless streamer points cursor on it, the same goes for creatures on battlefield. Strange battlefield with different territiories and mana pools…
    And I have two options now, one is to buy the game and try it myself, so I can enjoy my favorite streamer playing this game, and the other is to switch to other popular hs stream and continue playing hearthstone.
    And most people choose the second option, because it’s just easier. But if the game costs nothing, if streamer says that if you don’t understand something you can just install it and try it simultaniously with me for FREE, much more people will try it, because they are NOT LOSING ANYTHING. They’ll just go and install the game with streamer, and a lot of players will fall in love with it, because the game is great!
    Seriously, peak online of Faeria is about 100 players now, just how much surplus you make selling it? Won’t it be better to get more active players? Some of them will like the game and spend much more money in the game shop.
    You’ll also get much more feedback about the game.

This game needs advertising, and sponsored streams is a very good idea, don’t stop doing it! And finding other ways to get new players is top priority

A couple of pretty good card games died because of lack of players. I just can’t calmly watch this:

Now let’s talk about the game itself.

  1. Limit for maximum level is a bad idea.
    You can even make next level exp grow exponential, but don’t limit it. It’s one more target to grow your level getting different rewards. People like comparing themselves to others, and that’s like one more ladder for the most active players. In hs (it’s clear that you took hs as the model) it also would be much better if hero levels were not limited. “Look, I’m level 252 mage! Nobody plays mage as much as I do!”

  2. Option to buy full collection ruins the game for collector type players.
    Some people enjoy adding new cards to their collection more than using them in battles. Thrill of opening packs hoping to get one of legendaries, that you still don’t have… Such people tend to buy packs in bulk searching for cards they need, disenchanting cards they already have, crafting cards that they had no luck to get from pack. They are enjoying the process of collecting. With a single button “buy full collection” you ruined game for them. They want to enjoy opening the hundreds of packs, but they also undrstand that’s just buying full collection is more rational, it’s cheaper and much more easier. They see this button and leave the game. Having full collection is not much of achievement if you can do it with one click, isn’t it?

  3. Pandora.
    There are a lot of discussions about pandora mode here, so I’ll write briefly. Avoid pandora effects that have instant board impact. Replacing -2 to all creatures with plague bearer is a good idea, it’s left to remove humbling vision to all creatures.

  4. Card arts
    Personally I don’t care about cards art at all. I think the more simplistic interface is, the better. But some of my friends don’t want to play this game just because most cards have poor arts. After seeing how art for Queen’s assassin changed lately, I think that the situation is not really improving.

  5. Minor interface issue
    Timer overlaps with decklist, looks bad

  6. Minor bug with Syland horseman.
    Syland horseman gives charge for one turn. In one game card that I gave this buf had the animation like it has charge for next turns too. When you point cursor on the card, it shows possible moves for card with charge, but this card have no charge anymore and when you click on it can only be moved to adjascent tiles.

  7. Deckbuider interface
    Needs some improvements. For example I can’t even see how much legendaries I have, sort cards by rarity, etc. Hearthstone model should be ok here.


Online is very low because developers forced players make 100K battles in boring mode (aka highlander) to open Pandora. And Pandora turned out into terrible RNG mode. So it goes.

By the way this weekend in Steam Faeria will be free.

Oh, one more thing. I think I’ll keep posting my suggestions here since it’s not a good idea to create a new topic for each)

  1. Timer shows only last 17 seconds of turn.
    Why not show turn timer from the start? I see that you did an adaptation of hearthstone rope like that, but that’s not really a good thing to copy.
    Seeing timer from the start is much more convinient for planning the turn. I think it’s ok to keep last 17 seconds animation and sounds but the timer itself should always be here.
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Thank you for this great and honest feedback.

I’d like to touch on one point for now.

This is a concern we have always taken very seriously.

We recognize that offering the full core collection at a set price is a huge abnormality in today’s digital card game market. It’s been a goal from Faeria’s original Kickstarter back in 2013 to be able to provide the full base game at a reasonable price, in heavy contrast to a lot of other predatory “micro-transaction” models out there. However, we are going to continue to take steps to add in continued reasons to play after owning the full collection, the most recent addition of which was the inclusion of Mythic cards to work toward and earn.

We don’t plan on drawing the line there, but I’d like you to know we share some of your same concerns and are always looking to improve this experience.

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