A Deadly Deal

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Fun deck that I’ve found to be semi viable due to it’s ability to snowball hard. The game plan is simple: play cards that discount your expensive cards and play those for cheap and over whelm your opponent. There is more to it such as fighting hard for at least 1 well as otherwise this deck runs out of steam.
Currently I haven’t really found a deck that out right beats this deck outside of drawing really bad. Green lacks removal, Red doesn’t have big removal, and Blue+Yellow only have 3 removal (I’m not saying both colors have only 3 removal but each color has 3 removal each). This deck really does feel quite strong vs almost everything due to the massive taunt and aggressive creatures (Archon’s and Garudan due to the mobility they have among others). The only weakness of this deck is the lack of removal for ranged minions/minions that slowly buff themselves up to where the are pretty much unkillable (like 18/18 or something like that).

Replacements: (these are for if you lack legendaries or just some of the bigger cards although some of them are really needed due to their power and versatility icerock behemoths especially.)

Aurora, Myth Maker: This is a card that once I have I will put in due to the power this has in general.

Red Devil: Not the strongest but a cheap replacement for missing legendaries or other cards.

Gabrain Archon: Another cheap replacement for any missing cards.

Or really any other big red or blue card.

Leave your thoughts or changes in the comments below and thanks for checking it out! If this gets enough interest I’ll write a guide with land placement, mulligan and general tips based on my experience with the deck.

Land type(s): Neutral, Mountain, Lake
Faeria cost: 6.4
Difficulty: Intermediate

3x WINDFALL (10f 2L)
3x OGRE DANCE (4f 2M)
1x RED DEVIL (9f 2M)
3x HELLFIRE (7f 2M)

I’m probably playing this wrong (control style), but I’ve found it really difficult to gain tempo sometimes in the early game. This dies to rush, especially green rush. On the other hand It rocks against blue, but this is expected. Aurora is a really strong card because it makes mochis more useful in contesting wells. Hope this helps you, try to find someone to play the same deck against this one to fine tune it.

I actually find rush to not be that hard of a match up due to the big taunts but there is some specific choices you have to do with land in the early game to last them out. My most successful way is building in a V formation out from the center spot in front of your orb to the wells which leaves the 2 spots next to your orb empty along with the 2 closest well spots (these can be filled in as needed but the V shape makes a very advantageous defense). This makes it hard for rush to get in hits since generally the middle is the only place where it can hit you and you’ll have something blocking the way if things are going alright. Then depending on the player they might just fizzle out after you beat their 1-2 waves.

For early game tempo I found most blue cards along with any bargain cards to all be strong enough early on to wade off any aggression to where you can stabilize with bigger creatures and for the most part it has worked. And I also play a control style version with only aggressive plays vs red burn and ranged decks since this deck lacks hard removal but so far I’ve found mostly success in ladder although I have yet to reach god rank with it.

Like I’ve said, I ran this deck against a friend of mine playing green rush, and it was pretty weak. I’m just saying that I disagree with your deck being able to handle it, which isn’t a bad thing because a lot of decks have very unfavorable matchups. I’d like to point out that your deck is susceptible to things like green rush, or rush in general because the damage based removal takes a lot of faeria. I agree that if you manage to hold out for a bit, you are able to gain tempo and gain those card discounts. But think, you get only a 10% chance of drawing a taunt, and from 0 faeria with double collection it would take you minimum 2 turns to even play it. The damage based removal is strong against blue and yellow in general, but not sufficient against green, and especially gabrian enchantment decks. Another thing, your deck lacks any creatures that can be played turn 1. The nice thing is that you have the archons for double collection, but other than that it takes at least 3 turns to even have any board presence. I like your deck bro, I’m just pointing these things out because it’ll help u modify it to make it better. Also: green and enchantment isn’t meta right now, which is why u r probably having success with it on the ladder. Good luck bro and have fun!
My suggestions: add more damage based removal and a few frogifies. I’d get rid of hellfire and settle for things like flameblast and seifer’s wrath. Hold the line is great for holding off agro decks: it’s hard to go offensively with this deck. The concept of combining Blue sevens with bargain is interesting and I hope more people take up decks similar to this.

I played something close to this on my smurf which got me from rank5 to god rank with 4 defeats only. Blue jump, Y events, red rush (?) were the decks i faced the most.
I only found RY burn and GY sacrifice to be very hard match ups. Didn’t face a yellow rush but I expect the match to be extremely hard because we need 4 lands and we don’t have time. Other than that it’s very strong.

No icerock behemoth for me because the card is bad, 3 red devils, no aurora because we don’t want the card to sit in our hand making it hard for us to play bargain cards. No seifer because the value on ogre dance is bad and we have no mobility, 3 groundshakers, 2 hellfire and 1 firestorm. I love the deck it’s exactly what I wanted to play for so long in this meta. It destroys blue jump.