A handful of card ideas

So I came up with some cards whose design I feel is healthy for the game, and I’d like you to give me feedback so I can improve any future ideas. All of these were made with the help of Taiyodori, who is more experienced than I am, and talked some sense into me regarding faeria costs, body value, etc.

These cards are meant to encourage creative use, good positioning and
land placement, as well as good game sense. Forgive the silly pictures,
as I just wanted to put something there to avoid blank space. Again, big thanks to Taiyodori for a huge contribution.

I will also likely update the thread with more cards whenever I’m happy with them.

(Continued in further posts)

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Now, obviously, the last card has a new effect, which is Rotate. The idea is for it to be like a Production effect with two alternating outcomes. So in this case, the turn after the card is played, the buffing effect would occur, and the turn after that, the debuff would happen. The two effects would then obviously alternate until the card is removed. It affects both players’ creatures, so both of them could abuse the effects if the situation is right for it.

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You have some interesting concepts here !

  • Warden of the woods : I love the concept, but it would probably be pretty hard to balance. The stats you propose are too good. It’s basically a 3/4 for 3 that can grow even more pretty easily, it should be a 1st turn harvester on top of that. I think it would be logical to raise its land requirements to 3, as it would be played essentially in heavy forest decks. I think it should cost 4 also, as it would become too strong defender for 3 only (playing forests around your base is easy, and here you have a 3-cost 6-7 easily ;))

  • Shaytan Invader : the concept is original, but you shouldn’t leavi it as “enemy deserts”. If your opponent doesn’t play Yellow, the card is useless, so it’s a counter-Yellow card. In a game with no sideboard. And with bad stats to counter Yellow (Soul Drain, Wind Soldier …). Could be interesting if you said that once 5 deserts are present on the board, you can summon it on opponent’s tiles. And make it 3 cost instead, or up the stats a bit, that’s not a 4-cost creature stats

  • Steam Bulldozer : Not convinced about this one. On one hand, that’s the one way to get rid of a wrongly placed couloured lands on yours, and on the other hand, removing land requirements from your opponent is strong. But the body isn’t, so it may be fine in the end. I’m doubtful.

  • Tide Spirit : That would be one of my preferred card on two conditions : give it some mobility (jump for example), and find an easy way to know what effect would trigger the following turn (like the Tide actually changing skin for example, or an icon just like charge, jump … that would switch from one state to the other every turn). But, man, that idea is great ! Rotating from positive effect to negative is such a great concept !

I agree with some of that. The buff/debuff icon for the Tide spirit isn’t something I can really make, but I can see it pointing up/down and being green/red or something. I’m adjusting the Shaytan Invader and Warden to reflect some of that feedback.

Edit: The idea behind the current version of the Invader is that he obviously has an “intended” use, that being anti-yellow as a card that can possibly do any of the following: Trade with something important, secure an aggressive land, burn removal. It keeps its low health when used for that since, well, it doesn’t matter in terms of which creatures can kill it, but it DOES matter in terms of which removal works. It shouldn’t require things like Firebomb and Last Nightmare to kill it, the job is done if it secures a land and pressures them into losing resources. If you are facing a non-yellow opponent, now he offers a mediocre body you can use to trade normally, or do whatever you’d normally do with like a Maceman. So he’s easier to remove when invading, but harder when not.

I also clarified what the Tide Spirit does a bit. The idea behind not giving it mobility is that the enemy should be able to abuse the debuff/buff periods to his advantage too. The harder it is to catch the thing, the less the opponent can play around it without heavy mobility of their own.

Warden’s cost and forest requirement both got increased by 1.

I think some clarification is needed in regard of what should happen, if Warden leaves a forest zone with low life. I think, it shouldn’t kill the creature, but in return, that means it can effectively heal itself (up to base/permanent buffed max life) by stepping in and out of the heavy forest zones.

And vice versa with tides: If a creatures is “debuffed” by -1/-1 for “this turn”, would it die? In that case, I assume yes.

Summoning stuff anywhere on the board on an opponent’s tile, though, might become a pretty broken mechanic.
Otherwise, I like the suggested new mechanics. :slight_smile: