A&I Faeria Cup#1 - Friday 20th may 2016 - CET 20:30

We organize our first tournament on Faeria with our partner Glory4gamers this Friday, May 20 at 20:30 (CET).

Link for registration : http://eu.glory4gamers.com/en/tournament/faeria-a-i-cup-1/infos
To register, you must create an account on Glory4gamers website.

Tournament will be cast in french by Archa on www.twitch.tv/Archaetikkrys

1th: 15€ + 500 Golds + 5 x Ticket Pandora.
2nd: 10€ + 250 Golds + 3 x Ticket Pandora.
3th & 4th: 100 Golds + 1x Ticket Pandora.

5x2 boosters drawn randomly among the participants

The rules are in french but here is a summary:
-Bracket with single elimanation.
-Bo1 except for 1/2 final and final witch will be played in BO3.
-No deck restriction.
-Deck can be changed between rounds or between parts of a BO3

If you have any question, you can asked me on Discord : Archa#7575
Good luck.

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Nice one!
Two questions:

  • When (latest) must I register if I want to join?
  • Is Magda allowed?

-You can register until 20:25 (8:30PM) CET.
-No Magda Allowed. She is currently ban by Dev.

Thanks for the quick reply!
I will join if I have time :slight_smile:

Congratulations Trysken for winning A&I Faeria Cup#1!!