A new Dawn feedback

I will try to go as straight to the point as I can. But be aware there will be a lot of ideas, so keep calm and read steadily while being as forgive-full as you can, doing this you might understand me despite some awkwardness in my writing. I am on the verge on saying farewell to this game.

I have been an online CCG player for a really long time. But my wallet couldn’t affort most of them. I like to experiment with decks. That’s what I like doing. But how can I the experiment with anything is every time I come up with an idea I miss 5 cards that would enable the deck to work properly? That is why I like to have the full sets at my disposal. But seriously at a price like 2-4 euros per pack as I’ve seen on some CCG/TCG and no way to grind more than a few packs per month, I’ve been waiting for a very long time.

Then came hearthstone. It was more affordable than every other big CCG/TCG. You can get something like 10 packs per weeks by playing the game. (Sadly it is put in a daily rythm which is a technique that relies on some cognitive process, which is very disgusting. A great online game should allow you to put your time the way you want it. If it is a streak of 100h during hollidays and nothing during other time periods, or 10h on week end and nothing elsewhere it should be fine. I don’t want to add too much depth into that, but really, it’s one of the main reason why I’m nearly starting to hate faeria just as much as I hate hearthstone).

To be clear, the only reason I played is because it was nearly affordable and I kind of had time/patience. But in fact the coregameplay is not that great at all. Some other cards game felt much better aside the fact there was a lot of extension that would cost you 200 bucks each. But then, why did I switch to faeria?

It was promising. The buy-out was kind of a safety that if I would ever go in the independant mode I could do it. If I wanted to play the game intensively, in a burst then drop it for a while I could. No daily grinding in hearthstone’s way if I didn’t want too. (I don’t even want to talk about how having people grinding for cards affects the metagame, seriously people want to play rush because they want the cards they are lacking, if people had all cards at their disposal independently to the number of their wins, you would see a lot of people playing suboptimal stuff, just to experiment with it).

Last but not least, the nerf on three wish and on rain fall. I like diversity in card games. CCG when you can have a curve costs like : 15-12-3 aka hyper aggro or costs like : 0-4-6-6-2-0-6-6 aka ramp is in the place , 0-0-0-6-8-8-6-2 aka beware the A-O-E, oversize creatures are coming and costs like 3-6-6-5-4-3 aka I’m the balanced midgame. In faeria the costs are a little bit different but you get the idea. Midgame all the time is really sickening. Hearthstone at launch used to have kind of different deck styles. It’s not the case anymore. They killed everything that isn’t board centric midgame. No combos, no heavy control, a slight ramp perhaps and that’s it. And it seems that the designer of faeria find this a good iidea! Look, three wish is out, and for which reason “We want to make tournaments more appealling and longer game are not”. Okay, that’s the exact same punch line as what you can hear from hearthstone.

I can summerize all of this in one sentence. If we quit playing hearthstone to start playing faeria, it’s because we want something different than what hearthstone is at the moment. If you are the same thing, we will stop playing faeria just as well.


Thanks for the feedback Algateras

Oh, by the way I’m sorry if I have been too rough. I was deeply annoyed when I wrote this post. I don’t want to offend anyone.

Sadly now that I am more calm I really don’t want to play faeria at all anymore. I did the math. I need 8k memoria to get all the cards in the collection in the worst case. Best case is 2k memoria(you get 4x more memoria if you get a card that is not in your collection yet). Given that average memoria per pack is probably around (it’s just a really rough evaluation but still gives a good idea of what reality is) 80/10 + 20/3 + 4.5 +3 = 23. That would be between a 100 packs and 400. Let say I’m an average lucky guy, plus we can reroll highest rarity it would be 120 packs. A gold fountain is now 17 packs. Mounthly quest grind is a pack every two day. That is 15 packs per month. Less if I skip days, more if I take into account the level up system. If I want to buy out right away, best case would be 60 euros, worst case 200. Average probably around a 100 euros.

If I knew that faeria was to become a great esport game where priority is put in providing a game that allows better players to have significantly higher win rates that worst players and not in providing stuff interisting to watch to an American teenagers who can’t stay focused on anything for more than 5 minutes, yeah maybe I would consider something like puting 50 bucks to guarantee the 85% of the collection achieved. And then let some daily grinding do the rest.

Right now I am very sorry for that but it’s clear that I don’t want to play faeria, and hearthstone neither. Both are converging way too much anyway.

But, well I can’t blame the devs, nore the marketting team. In order to survive the game has to find its audience. If am the only guy reclaiming comboes, aggroes, and easily achievable full collection well it might not be enough. Anyway about survivability of a f2p the most important factor is to keep players that will play the game for a very long time. The longer the time you invest into a game the more you are willing to pay for it, and to customize it. Meaning that moneytizing gameplay isn’t even necessary. Path of exile is still online. People have been playing the game for an insanely long time. And they bought skins. Because throwing the same fireball for 200+ hours can get boring. 20 bucks to throw fireskulls is fine then. I remember reading an in depth article on F2P moneytizing on kongregate. They really did have some stats. So making a game that is not frustrating to us the client is not even bad for your income. If you can guarantee that we will play the game long enough, we will buy stuff. Even stupid stuff. If we feel frustration, we won’t recommend the game to our friends, we will feel bad playing it. And we might drop at some point. Well I guess the marketting team is working on that that and they have more knowledge on that subject that I have.

Really I feel bad about all of it. I feel the effort that the teams puts into the game. But why do I have the feeling that they are yielding to something? A few month ago I heard about one buy, now it’s fully F2P, I heard about competition, now I hear about being entertaining to watch, mono green was OP, now it’s midgame red. Well however from the team will be reading please hear me : don’t yield to your fear, and keep doing what you believe is just. That is the way you stand out of the crowd. And there is an hell of a crowd in online CCG. Keep doing yielding and you’ll only be an average CCG, and is average enough to keep you working? Perhaps if there is an high demand and low offer.

All, in all, no matter how much I am pissed at the game right now, how little I want to play it, I still want to wish the best to all of the faeria team.

My sincerest thank,

Hey Algateras,

Sorry to hear you giving up already. In case you read this (or anyone else, who has reservations about Faeria due to the option to buy the full coreset being removed), I have some statistics for you about the grind:

For a full collection, you currently need 744 cards total (3x of each common/rare/epic; 1x each legendary), consisting of:

  • 318 commons
  • 204 rares
  • 186 epics
  • 21 legendaries

I started Faeria about 5 months ago, and for a long time, I only played dailies and some occasional Pandora. I kept track of all packs I’ve opened so far, which are 268 (1340 cards) in total now. Here’s my statistic:

  • 899 commons = 3.35/pack
  • 300 rares = 1.12/pack
  • 123 epics = 0.46/pack ~ 1 in every 2nd pack
  • 18 legendaries = 0.067/pack ~ 1 in every 15 packs

That said, I’m short of 86 cards total for a full collection and I didn’t craft much (about 5 epics and rares total). I opened 191 packs in the old system, which means I wasn’t able to reroll anything from these packs. So, without me doing the math here, I think it’s safe to assume that with the new system and about 250 packs, you’re probably pretty close to a full collection and at least close enough to craft pretty much anything you might still need at that point.

Assuming, you did a bit of practise vs Fugoro and beating him most of the time, you’ll receive about ~40-50 chests from the solo content alone + a core set of 24 cards of each color (120 cards total). So you still need 200 packs to go, which is totally possible within 5-6 months of dailies. One pack per day is easy with just the daily and a couple of wins; if you play some Pandora, probably more.

That said, I’m tired of people claiming Faeria’s grind would be as unfair as the one of other CCG’s. I’ll make a more indepth reddit post within the next couple of weeks, when I find the time to do this. If anyones interested, I can also share my excel sheet so everyone can keep track of their own collection statistics.

Regarding the comparison to Hearthstone, I can definetly not confirm, what you said in your first post with 10 packs per week: I played Hearthstone for approximately 2 and a half year (about 4 months before Naxxramas was released) and missed almost no dailies, but spent no cash either. I also played a lot of Arena.
However, even until the latest expansion (Khalazan), I wasn’t able to get even close to a full collection. Hearthstone’s dailies reward about 1 pack every 2nd day (usually 40 gold, sometimes 60, and only 10 gold for every 3rd win; and there’s no way I play until I win 12-18 games each day!). The packs don’t allow to reroll cards like Faeria does. Legendaries and Epics aren’t dropped as frequently either (HS: about 1 epic in 5 packs at best and 1 legend in ~25-30 packs); consider how many legendaries you actually need in Hearthstone to play “competitive” (which is actually not an appropriate word to mention within the same sentence as Hearthstone anymore) and you’ll soon notice, that there’s no possible way to actually gain everything without spending any real money. Even worse, you can not buy packs for older expansions anymore, so if you want to really obtain every card (for wild mode), you need to craft it and you can’t “buy” dust either.

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