A New Dawn - Frequently Asked Questions

We knew that when we announced our plans for v0.9 of Faeria that it would create as many questions as it tried to answer. The Developers and Community Team have scoured through all of your posts on the Boards, Reddit, Steam, Discord, and personal messages, so we can catch em’ all!

##How will my current account be affected?

If I create a new Steam and Faeria account, will I still get a Gold Fountain and Starter Pack on the 12th?

All accounts which have completed the prologue by October 11th will receive these gifts.

Will I get a new Gold Fountain if I already have one currently active?

If you have an active Gold Fountain it will be extended by 30 days, along with the extra 600 gold from the new fountain.

Will my level change with this update?

No, your account level will stay the same, however after this update you will be able to progress past level 30 once you get there.

Will there be any compensation for those who reached level 30 and missed out on all the extra cards presented to them?

The new rewards system will not retroactively affect current players, however the free Gold Fountain and Starter Pack for each current player is both a token of our gratitude for your support and a gesture to reward already-active accounts as we launch these changes.

I have already opened Booster Packs in the past, can I go back and re-open them under the new system?

No, this is not possible to do, but any unopened Booster Packs you have at the time of the update will automatically convert into unopened Battle Chests.

If I buy the core set now, what happens in the future? Will full collection owners still get the 10 cards you’re planning to add to the core set?

There are still more cards to come that we will be calling part of the Core Set, and anyone who has purchased the Core Set will receive these cards at no extra cost. After our 1.0 release, there will be expansions to come in 2017 - cards featured in these expansions will not be part of the Core Set.

Can I play through the Single Player mode again to earn the new rewards?

It will soon be possible to replay Single Player levels that you have already completed, however it is not possible to be rewarded for any level you have already completed.

Do the rewards for the first 30 levels stay as they are currently?

No, the level up rewards are being entirely replaced with the new feature that allows you to pick a card that you currently don’t own. We may, however, re-introduce some of the cosmetics as rewards for other activities in the future. You will still keep the cosmetics from these current rewards if you have already earned them before the update.

I want to delete my account to start again with a new one.

At this time we cannot offer this ability. If you wish to have your information removed from our databases, please contact support@abrakam.com, however we are not able to guarantee you will be able to create a new account with your same Steam ID afterwards, so we wouldn’t recommend requesting this unless you no longer wish to play Faeria.

What will the Starter Pack contain, will it allow us to see at least know some of the cards we’d be getting?

We won’t be revealing the full details of Starter Packs until version 0.9 goes live, but no it won’t be possible to know what cards you might get before hand.

##How will the Pandora changes affect me?

What happens if I own Pandora coins when they change price in the store?

For each Pandora coin you own at the time of this update you will receive 50 gold as compensation for the new, decreased price.

What will happen to active Pandora runs when this update comes out, and at the end of each Pandora season?

With our update on October 12th, any active Pandora runs will automatically ended, and you will be given one free Pandora coin as well as being rewarded for the run based on the current system.

Under the new system, Pandora runs will not automatically end at the end of each season. If you want an active run to count towards the current season’s Pandora Points, you will need to finish it prior to the end of the season. You can read more about our new Pandora seasons here.

Can you lose Pandora Points?

You cannot lose Pandora Points during the season. At the end of each season all Pandora Points are reset to 0 and you will be rewarded based on how many you earned during the previous season.

I only want to play Pandora. If I draft what I consider to be a poor deck, what’s the point in me playing longer than 2 wins as the Battle Chests are of no use to me?

If you manage to carry the streak further there is even more Gold available to win. Additionally, by accumulating Pandora Points you have a chance of earning even more rewards at the end of the season. We also hope that the thrill of aiming for a 9 win Pandora run will mean something to many of you!

What rewards will be given for Pandora Points?

We will be announcing these details when the update launches.

Pandora Points seem to reward those who play the most, not necessarily who plays the best, is this correct?

Pandora Points have been designed to reward your time spent in the game as generously as possible, and as such will allow you to earn more rewards based on both how much Pandora you play, but also how well you do.

##How exactly will these new features work?

Will there be some sort of UI hint that indicates whether a card from a Battle Chest is still needed to complete my collection so that I can make an informed decision when choosing to re-roll?

Yes, the quantity you own of the highest rarity card(s) will be displayed for you to decide whether to re-roll or not.

If you re-roll a Mythic in a chest, will you be guaranteed to get another Mythic?


How much will Mythic Chests cost?

This will be announced with the launch of version 0.9.

What if I already have all cards of the rarity that I get assigned on completion of a level?

If you have all the cards of a rarity and happen to receive a card from that rarity for leveling up, you will receive compensation in gold instead of a card.

##General questions

Will future expansions be a single purchase?

Expansions will not be available as a single purchase when they launch, but after some time we may change this for some expansion sets to help new players enter the game.

What if I don’t have time to grind, what affordable buy-in will Faeria have?

We are working on making both grinding and purchasable items offer as much value as possible. We think our new Battle Chests, Starter Packs, and Gold Fountain will all provide great value.

Will there be new cards or a balance changes released with version 0.9?

There will not be any new cards in 0.9, however we have stated that a minimum of 10 new cards will be added to the Core Set by the time we launch 1.0 in a few months. Balance is something we are monitoring on a daily basis, at this time we don’t have any details to share about when the next balance patch will arrive.

Do you plan to add more free content to Solo Mode, other than the puzzles?

We are working on more content for the Single Player mode, but don’t yet have any further details to share.

We’ve tried to cover every type of question that was asked, there were a lot of questions asking the same thing in different ways, however some were simply answerable with:

  • ‘Why have you not done/tried ‘x’?’ - We have discussed the options open to us at great length but, given we have to look at the game both now and in the future, a number of these simply weren’t viable. They may, for example, create more problems than they solve.
  • ‘Why haven’t you listened to me?’ - We can assure you that we listen to everything that is being said. We have multiple Community Managers, Moderators, and Community Architects whose whole purpose is to ensure that the Developers are full aware of what is being said by the Community (and also by other communities) so they can create the best experience possible for the players.

If you have any further questions or thoughts then please don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you all for helping make Faeria the awesome game it is, we look forward to the future and are excited about the possibilities open to us.

  • The Faeria Team

Thanks for your answers !

But you said nothing about Phantom runs. They really feel bad : one or two wins give you nothing more than one or two wins in constructed, and the third gives you less if you don’t want a Pandora ticket (because you have time to play for Phantoms only, or whatever other reason), as you don’t get gold at all. Plus, even if you play a Phantom a day, you don’t get any PP, even if Phantom is still Pandora and abide to the same rules as a normal run.

Truly, Phantom feel really useless to me. A complete waste of time (rewards-wise, ofc, there’s still the fun of drafting)


Agree with Fox, please consider changes to Phantom runs, either better rewards or longer runs. I know there needs to be some balance but 3 runs for a pandora coin just feels bad…

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Are there any way to check if you have completed the prologue?
Since I remember being promted with the option to skip them, how do I know it I skipped or completed them?

Also agree with the phantom runs being “nerfed” too hard.

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Agreed with the others. The “improvements” to Pandora/Phantom don’t seem like improvements at all.

You are removing the core set option but some of us did buy it (to support you, in part) and getting a bunch of packs is not going to do anything for us. As for Phantom, I can’t see any point in bothering spending the time. The rewards are atrocious.

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Just to be clear here, from the original post:

“…players who own the Core Set will receive a Cosmetic Starter Pack, and all other players will receive a Gameplay Starter Pack.”

If you purchased the Full Collection - you’re right. More packs might not be very appealing to you. You’ll be getting a different Cosmetic Bundle instead.

I wasn’t referring to the bonus that comes with the new update. I was referring to the actual rewards that come from playing Pandora and Phantom.

A Pandora run costs 200g. I have to get to 7 wins just to break even with that. I also get 2 battle chests. Are these going to provide cosmetics for people who already have the core set? I guess all I can do is disenchant them to make mythics. But I honestly don’t care about cosmetics, the color of my cards is not of any real relevance. What else is there for me to work towards?

I’d really rather the rewards were just gold, which I can save for a future expansion.

As for Phantom, the rewards are absolutely abysmally bad, “what could they possibly have been thinking” bad. Unless I get 3 wins, I’m getting a trivial amount of gold, I could get more just playing regular games in the time it requires. This needs to be rethought. If you have to get rid of the free Phantom coin then do it, it would be better than having a game mode with no purpose to it. Time is also a resource. It takes time to do a draft.

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The intention is to allow players to play Pandora every single day even if they have no normal Pandora coins to play it. We don’t want to block players from doing something they enjoy.

As for the rewards, we’ve mentioned several times in the past that we intentionally pushed players into Pandora as much as possible to evaluate the mode and gather the most feedback possible.

Before Phantom Coins even existed - we had every single Daily Quest rewarding a Pandora Coin. We pushed it very hard to get as much testing done as we could, and then phased out the DQ Coin reward into the current iteration of Phantom Coins.

We no longer feel the need to push players into Pandora - we feel it’s at a spot where it can stand on its own now.

The end goal of the Phantom Coin is not to shower the player with rewards every day, but to give them access to a game mode they might not otherwise be able to participate in - while still contributing to their progress to eventually play in a full Pandora run (after completing multiple pieces of a coin) - for free.

Fair enough. I realize you don’t want it to be super-lucrative. But doing a draft properly requires thought and takes time and I still think the rewards are too low given 10g/win in constructed.

One reason I stopped doing Phantom was that people pointed out that each time I went up a rank it would make it that much harder for me to do full Pandora runs later. I think this is being changed, and that’s good.

I agree that gold gain in phantom run take much longer than 10g/win in combat mode…

I just wanted to get back with a few words.

While I still have my doubts whether the new Phantom Run will be appealing at all, the rest of the patch looks amazing and I also appreciate all the effort to communicate with the community and the players. So yeah, we may not like all the changes but we still appreciate your work. That’s all =)


I feel like the rewards for Phantom are so bad now that most players won’t even bother doing there phantom runs at all, unless they are really hurting for the Gold. I think if the rewards were 20/40 1/2 phantom it would be fine.