A new type of chest? (suggestion)

The Mythic chests in the cash shop are great, but there are a couple problems with them. First of all, the cosmetics in them are too random, and it’s too easy to get something you don’t like and will never use. Secondly, they are too expensive to buy in bulk.

My suggestion is: Replace the current Mythic chests with 2 new types - Silver and Gold.
Silver Chest: Same model as the current Mythic chest, but in a white colour. Contains 4 Mythic cards, but no cash shop items. Price - 500 gems
Gold Chest: Exact same model and price as the current Mythic chests. Contains 3 Mythic cards and 1 cash shop item.

This way, the people who are hoping for a cash shop item can buy the gold one, and those who are only after the cards can get the silver. What do you guys think?

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I would be already be content with just a small change: Just have the mythic chest have 4 mythic cards + 1 random cosmetic item (emote, avatar, cardback, orb or well)
So you know exactly what you’re getting.

Nice suggestion, Jeff, but the devs are unlikely to implement it, as it would mean putting a fifth item into the chest for the same price :wink:

I got a Mythic chest recently, hoping to get some Mythic cards to disenchant. I was disappointed, as it only contained 2 cards. I’m using one of the items I got from it every day, but the second I absolutely hated (ironically, the more expensive one)

If we could get 2 new chests instead, one containing Only cards, and the other Guaranteed to have at least one item, people could make a choice about which one they want. It makes sense to make the “card only” one a bit cheaper, let’s say something between the two current chests, as cards take less time to design and are more likely to be bought in bulk.

That could be interesting. It would make it easier to get mythic cards withought crafting them, but would still end up requiring a lot of packs in general if you were going for a full mythic collection.