A possible issue with the game

I was playing a game of Pandora and the player I was facing disconnected from the game. The time ended after a little so I thought he was back. However, nothing else changed on my screen as if he was still gone. After a little while longer I decided to close my game and open it back up. When I got back the game was almost over and it was as if I’d lost connection when he came back. I was looking at my connection and running multiple other programs that didn’t lose connection when this occurred. I hope this gets looked into as losing one of my 3 chances for 9 wins to this is pretty bad. I also have screenshots of before I logged out and when I logged back in if that would help I can post them.

i got the same problem in Pandora. i was able to finish just 1 out 6 games due this issue. either me or my opponent would suddenly drop out. and its not my connection doing this. Some server problems maybe?

Need fixing or Pandora is totally unplayable :frowning:

Sorry this is happening to you as well. I am happy though as this should get looked at soon enough. I had no issues my first run this season and went 9/0. This second run though is almost over and is when the issue began. Regardless they can’t have something this major going on to one side of their game. I hope they have a nice weekend then fix this a.s.a.p. The post could use more response though so speak up if this happened to you as well. I know there is more than two of us.