A proposal to improve the game

Hello, first of all I will introduce myself, I am a Faeria player who has been playing since last year and who has moved since the HS since I consider that Faeria is a much more difficult game to have a board.

I do not rank much but I am currently # 2. The reason why I do not play too much is because I do not have friends in the game, this is because the people of my country and friends do not play it (Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Colombia, etc) Players of that country, what I say is that they are very few because the game never tried to insert itself in these markets (in spite of being in Spanish)

I myself took care of recruiting friends from these countries to play and although everyone liked the game, even much more than the HS, no one stayed playing for various reasons. The main thing is that the platform does not insulate the social interaction between people. Making play Faeria sometimes feels like a single player.

Here is my proposal, which are simple things but would greatly help:

1- To be able to add to the rivals with which you are playing in the middle of the game, sometimes it can be extremely interesting to have social interaction with your rival while you play, besides it is a great measure to make friends inside the game and to share information, which It gives great value to the chat of the game. Currently only allowed to do so when the game ends but when this happens, the loser rarely wants to talk to the winner, for obvious reasons.

2- Let COPY the dialogues when someone writes to you, there are many people who do not speak English or even people who speak different languages ​​like Portuguese or Spanish. If you could just copy the messages and paste them into the google translator you could easily understand any contact of the game without having to rely on both to speak the same language, that adds tremendous value to the chat of the game and should not cost much Effort to do so.

Thank you very much, if anybody has opinions to improve the game in countries that do not speak native English please share these,


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From experience, point #1 would bring the exact opposite of what you expect - that being toxic and unwanted behavior instead of friendly chats. Sorry to say, I do not approve of an open chat for that exact reason.

I am unsure if we will every see #1. But being able to copy and paste is a good idea!
Here are a couple of spanish translators whom you might be able to connect with ingame and play with.

Spanish translators
Master: causalidad
Padawans: Hawaii , Chrisp

Also Garudan Heart of the Mountain is organized by a member of the Spanish speaking community.

There is a discord associated with it.

And here is a link to the spanish channel in the official Faeria Discord!

what about a balance patch.

The balance patch will come, new cards will come. Remember the game has only officially been out since March.