Abolish Legendaries or Abolish Legendaries Limits

Hi all, i’m not a pro gamer so maybe my post could be considerer just a random rant, but…
In a lot of other post i’ve seen people demanding to balance a card or another one, but playing the game my biggest problem are the legendaries, and their limitation to 1 card in a deck.

If they were normal cards, unbalanced or not, i should take them in consideration (both in my deck and in the enemies decks) while building my deck/strategy.
But, being limited to 1, they are TOO random. Too many games i played were “landslided” by me or the opponent drawing the right legendary card, and the other player not drawing it.

Obviously it’s a card game, and you could always draw good or bad hands, but limit a card to 1 copy increase the random effect on the game. I think there are already too many random effect on this game (like the ones where you create from nowhere a random card, or where as last word ability some creature, but a random one, get a power up).

Too many random things lead to too many games where, winning or losing, it all seems to be too tied to luckiness. The simpliest thing you could do to decrease randomness i think it’s about legendaries. Please, decrease randomness at least on legendary creatures: throw them out of the game, or let us play 3 of them in every deck.

Not sure you can remove the restriction of legendaries. After all, in a flavour way, Legendaries are named characters, supposed to be unique. For the same reason, I doubt that, even if they are detrimental to the balance of the game (which may or may not be), they will ever get removed.
However, they can have a unique effect, without being too strong in order to not influence the game too much when they’re drawn or not. I’d say that the only leeway they have to keep the integrity and identity of their game.

I can certainly understand where you’re coming from and why you say that. It’s something I have sometimes felt as well - when your oponent just draws the perfect legendary answer at the perfect time and steamrolls you.

However it’s worth to be noted that cards don’t exist in a vacuum, their power and itnerractions depend on other cards and the decks as well. So let’s talk specifics - most people would Agree that Aurora and Garudan are among the top legendaries, both in terms of power and competitive presence. If you look at them however you’ll see that they’re effects are not perfectly unique:

Garudan, most common in red decks, offers AoE which is the same as Firestorm and can be replaced by a Groundshaker and some extras. Red has removal. If you’re playing agaisnt red, you generally expect it, whether it comes from Garudan or other sources.

Aurora is quite similar. While the effect is technically unique, it’s also quite similar to Mirror Phantasm, a card which is the bread and butter of blue decks. Buffing tokens is something you just expect from blue and you play around it.

Believe me or not, in my mind i was thinking about Baeru…
I have a couple of decks that works well, but can’t do nothing “fast” against Baeru, and obviously if it transform all my forests to lakes, i can’t play most of my cards.
Baeru is a single card with a strange effect i haven’t see anywhere except from him. Only 1 card, so i tell myself “i’m not going to do something specific only for a single legendary…” and then, i play against a water deck that plays Baeru…
If i know i could face a deck with 3 Baeru, believe me i will never play something with no response to it. But limiting a card to 1 copy, if i prepare “too much” against a single card and it doesn’t show up, i could lose the deck idea uselessly…
Now, i’m going to play only desert (with “Last Nightmare”) or water (mirror phantasm, frogify) to comfort myself a bit ;-), but…

The fact is: either a card is too strong or is not. If it’s not too strong, it’s should not be limited to 1 (Krog is limited to 1, but even if the limit was 6, i don’t think i will play it); if it’s too strong, it should not exist.
That’s how you balance a game, i like flavour in a game but not if it interfers with game balance. Having cards limited to 1 augment the random factor in a game that is already random compared to other card games i play (the last words effects and other abilities of lot of cards that goes on a “random creature you control” or similar really really puzzle me, i mean cards are random, but here we are playing roulette). At this point i understand that developers like a “little bit” (lot) of randomness, but i hope they could “cut it” a little bit here and there.

I think legendary are a good thing in Faeria. Bring some lore at first, and its good. They represent (for some) the true power of a color, and you know you will have the possibility of dealing with it when you face an opponent. But you also know that when legendary are played, u will not have to deal with one other (well well, there is some “aurora creation” ,“spellwirl” or “unbound” who can ).
Other thing, play 3 time the same card in a deck is not always a good option, even if you think its less random. That why many deck play some “kinder surprise” card, to break the meta.
In fact, you can’t really build a deck arround a legendary, but i don’t think its a bad thing, or a random thing.