About mono and multi color

First, sorry for my bad english, i’ll try my best.
I heard about few changement in land requirement for some legendary. Its not a bad thing in my opinion, but it will probably fuk up many multicolore deck.
And i think multicolor is the strenght of Faeria to differentiate from other CCG who really are stuck in archétype deckbuilding (exemple of the hero of HS & Krosmaga, and the faction in Gwent).
So, i bring to you some Bicolore legendary !!! Its the kind of thing i want to see in the future of Faeria.


A nice Ogre who take the combat ability from red and the tile move from blue. With a nice body! Can also be reduce by 7+ card. During opponent turn, the combat ability trigger randomly.


Really forest berserker, It will make the happiness of the small as well as the big ones. The +1/+0 ability is not a gift, so he loose the boost if there is no more adjacent enemy creature.


This bitch can be really annoying, just remember if you play green, don’t go out without you emperor’s command!


OMG the guy is OP WTF WTF. Well, pretty interesting legendary, but remember Divine! You can’t feed, you can’t gabrian, and the 7+ is not a gift, it desapear when Minoto leave the board!


A really strong creature with a nice cycle possibility (discard don’t exist in faeria actually, but if its apear, we can change the card text). He get the 7+ reduce too. Can be grap with Iona’s smile. IMO maybe the strongest one, maybe too much, but its still a legendary!

Actually there is no creature with Activate, but it can change !!! I really think that kind of creature can be really fun in Faeria, but it will need an option to choose if you want move/fight or use the activate. Anycase Thrynos get the blast ability from Red and the sac from Yellow. Maybe less gamebreaker in early than the others, but certainly easiest to play (Deathwish ghoul? Khalim followers ? what else?).

Well, i spend a little time to design them, and thinking about balance and else, so, feel free to comment but try to remember of some point:

  • I don’t create card to suit a meta, i prefere let the card change it.
  • Its sure some of them are not balance, but try to argment if you think it.
  • Krog 100% approve my ideas, deal with it.

Ty for reading !


I really really like Minoto! :slight_smile:

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Interesting! :smiley: I really like the first two. All the cards look so good like they could be real in the game. :thumbsup:

Is Minerva too powerful? How can she not kill something before she dies? Transformation and direct damage/removal seems the only way, green would be powerless against her.

I don’t understand Minoto’s gift. If you have 20 life, would you spend faeria to heal further? The only use I can think of is with Shimmering Statue…

I guess you get to choose which cards get destroyed with Selenian? Would be frustrating if it destroyed the wrong cards. :sweat_smile:

Minerva can be fuk by Emperor command in green for exemple.

Have 20 life more open so much possibility of tempo game, and those possibility wil grow with extentions.

And yes for Selenian, you choose the cards!

These seem pretty well thought out to me. The balance seems fairly good IMHO.

I do think we need some extra dual-color stuff too.

Here’s my thoughts, ordered from least to most favorite.

  • Minerva - Not sure about the name. It seems there aren’t many ways to permanently get rid of her. Transformation, sniping, protection, attack reduction. Many decks won’t have any of that. This makes her power depend on the opponent’s deck rather than their skill.

  • Thrynos - A bit OP IMHO - possibly the most imbalanced here. Even without the +1/+1 I think it’s too good in burn decks. Also, I’m not sure if having activate on a creature makes it a bit too complex. I wonder if you could do something like:

[quote]Production - destroy a random friendly creature with 1 life. If a creature is destroyed, gain +1/+1 and deal 1 damage to your opponent.

That way you don’t need to have a separate way to activate a creature.
(btw, something wrong with message formatting behavior after a quote in a list).

  • Brogan - The “move a land” after combat is a bit unusual, as no other board-creature action requires follow-up actions by the player. However, I guess there’s no reason it can’t work. As you say, during the enemy turn it’s random. Would be quite tricky to use well (a good thing IMHO).

  • Selenian - Is the destroy effect random or manual? Random would seem slightly UP, but manual would require a new mechanic. Still, I think that manual discard could be done fairly nicely.

  • Erobor - Feels very slightly OP, but I’m not 100% sure. Without the dash it’s probably OK.

  • Minoto - My favorite here. Synergizes well with Shimmering Statue and makes heals less situational.

All up an interesting set of cards with some nice effects.

TX for the answers guys !
Seems Abrakam want more multicolore deck !
Vote for your favorite and Krog will force them to add it to the game !

How did you make those cards? The art is amazing!

I used http://faeria-cards.com/create/

Then i pick Art on internet. Most of them come from Warhammer artwork.

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Minoto is unnecessary, in my opinion. Increasing the player’s lives past 20 would mess up with the game mechanics too much. Erebor is too overpowered - needs to be a 2/2.

Other than that - great ideas and great art!

Erebor 2/2 for 6??? he will have no use, and remember he has no haste and don’t keep attack buff if none opponent creature are adjacent.
For Minoto, i think more about stats balance, but i really think the ability can bring some kind of new deck.

And ty for all answers !