About rewards on wild missions

TL;DR: a wild mission said it’d give me a chest after completion but it didn’t. a bug or smth?

I have a questions rewarding the wild missions rewards. I know completing two lanes (500 gold each) provides a chest + the experience you get. But are the individual missions supposed to give you something aswell (beside EXP)?
The second mision I got was vs Fugoro (with the treasures shenaningas and stuff. somewaht frustrating :stuck_out_tongue: ) and below the character icon (Fugoro), next to the 150 XP there was a chest, just like in the regular missions which ARE supposed to give chests. However after beating the mission i got no chest.
Now i guess this whole confusion is due to a bug or something. What i dont know is wether the error was the mission showing the chest as a reward or the mission failing to reward me witch said chest.
TBH i dont really care that much about the chest. I’m not here to reclaim that which the game promised me but failed to award. It’s just one chest… big deal…
But I want to know if there are certain wild mission that do give more rewards aside of the EXP and also if this has happened to more people or is a very rare thing to happen.

EDIT: also, forgot to mention: i was playing on Android. i think it’s still in beta, right? maybe that had something to do, idk…

Happened to me on iPad. I have not gotten chest rewards from wild missions. It would be nice to see that fixed. But they are entertaining.

Happened to me on android. I thought I was going crazy for a minute (I could have sworn that reward screen popped up, but alas no chest in chest screen) but at least I’m not alone

First day i played one wild pack and i think 2 out of 7 missions gave me a battle chest which was showed next to the exp reward. Then in the next 5 wild mission packs i got 0 battle chests.

so in the end buying wild mission is worth it??? or is better buy pandora coins???