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Ranged units - the one thing that made me quit playing this game.

Now, before you get all upset and start lecturing me about what cards can counter this in CONSTRUCTED, I’d like to point out I’ve only ever had any interest for the Pandora-mode. Pandora was really fun for the first 2-3 games, until I started running into some major problems with ranged units. Especially flamethrower. This is from 4 hours of gameplay. I am a veteran card-game player.

As you know, in Pandora you are only given random cards, and as the game begins, you will draw random cards from that pool of random cards you drafted. If anyone gets a ranged unit out in the first three turns, and you aren’t lucky enough to have choking sands, you have just more or less lost the game. The Tempo swing from having that card trade 3-1 or better, and denying faria gathering, is just a MASSIVE advantage.
This cannot be countered efficently. If you start creating plains directly at the enemy from turn 1, and he actually is playing a slow deck, you have lost yet again. Having to forfeit all that faeria for a MAYBE is so effing bad.

Why is this allowed to exist in this mode? It is a tactic without an counter, and the only counter is to trust the RNG god to have been merciful enough to grant you removal. You really oughta either make ranged units available from turn 5 onwards, or give everyone a “kill this ranged creature/ structure blahblah”-card, or something akin to that. Something, anything.

Loosing every 3rd game to this sucks out all the fun out of your game.