About the expansion

So you have released your new expansion, but the only way to access it is through buying gems. I might be new and not know of any free ways to get gems, but this appears to be a giant paywall for a good portion of the game that is free to play. This is a giant turn off for anyone playing this game.

So allow me to ask this, are there any future plans to do what hearthstone does with its expansions and allow players to access small portions of the expansion through a large amount of gold or are you going to keep it pay to play?

If the latter then my opinion of this game will degrade.

Hi Faerie,

I think there is some confusion between the Adventure Pouch and the Oversky expansion itself.
Right now only the Adventure Pouch is released, the Oversky islands will be released starting next week tuesday, these islands will give you a batch Oversky cards when completed. they cost 9500 gold (pretty reasonable) per island and the first one is free!

The Adventure Pouch is just a limited promotional thing and its mostly just to give you cosmetic items, which is the reason why its only purchasable through gems. Faeria is pretty generous when it comes to the F2P aspect, you only really need gems if you want to get cosmetic items.

i’ll put some of what Atmaz said:
Atmaz - Yesterday at 1:14 PM
I think a lot of people are conflating the Adventure Pouch with the Oversky islands
Which is understandable, it’s not an expansion model found elsewhere

Atmaz - Yesterday at 1:15 PM
But the Adventure Pouch is just a limited promotional event that is tied to the Oversky


Alright, thank you for your time and understanding. This clears a lot up.

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You can also get gems randomly from the daily login rewards FYI.

So much confusion. This has been very poorly constructed and communicated.

Just to be extra certain we know what we’re getting…

So there are 4 islands. 1st is free. We can pay for 3 of them with gold. 3 x 9500 = 28,500 gold. We pay that, complete the missions, and this will give us all 30 Oversky cards?

Is this correct?

5 islands.

I’m not sure about whether you need to complete the missions. The FAQ says yes, then no.

There are 33 cards (and 1 more pandora which everyone can get IIRC, 34 total).

Although I can’t be sure what’s correct as of now - I’m just going by the FAQ. I guess there’s a chance they might want to change things between now and the last Oversky release.


Thanks for trying to clarify Xaxazak.

Another thing I’d like to know is whether mythic Oversky cards can be turned into shards to help complete the core cards. That might give the adventure pouch some value to players like me who don’t care about cosmetics.

Not at the moment, the faq currently states that oversky cards cannot be crafted or disenchanted.

Hmm I feel this fact ought to be displayed on the purchase page and not buried in a FAQ. Ill bet a number of players will buy the AP with the hopes of disenchanting and end up disappointed. Thanks though.

True, a lot of information you got to dig to find it. I think they may change it later though so oversky cards become like normal cards.