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Hello Atmaz,

I have a feedback regarding “winning trumpets”, I think they are way too loud (comparing to other sound effects). Would to be nice to tune it down a bit!:slight_smile: Thanks!


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I occasionally have issues in the deck creation screen. when using the scrollbars sometimes the scrolling function glitches and jumps arrorund. Then I have to find where i am in the list again. but probably I should just be using multi touch scroll. also when renaming a deck the cursor sometimes will not go to the letter I want it to. it goes one or two charicters over from where I click and the arrows wont move the text cursor. reminds me of trying to surf the internet on my first smartphone.
I am using a macbook pro 13" mid 2012 with a 2.5 ghz i5. its running yosemite

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Hello Atmaz,

I came across the game over on Linux game database (LGDB), while I was searching for some good card games. I am liking it so far. Keep up the good work.

One small point of confusion (which is also mentioned over at LGDB), is that even though Linux is a supported platform, it is not mentioned on the game’s Steam store page. Please fix this, so that more Linux gamers may discover and enjoy this game.


Is there a plan in the works for a ‘Disable Screen Shake’ option? Maybe I just play too fast but have had to repeat puzzles when playing Gerudan and just now I misclicked and didn’t get my 5/2 off of Demon Wrangler.

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Hi Atmaz, I really love Faeria, especially building decks, but I just don’t have enough space for all my decks! I try to keep around decks to play with friends at low levels, friends at high levels and decks for ranked and casual play, but I keep running out of room. Can you guys please add more deck space so I can keep building new decks?

My friend also wanted to add that he would love to see a 2v2 mode incorporated at some later date, but we understand that it might be hard to pull that off.

Thanks in advance, keep up the good work.


It will be great, if your team adds “2 vs 2” mode.
Also, It would be nice, if the cards will had a larger scale of drawings (in situation then they deployed on field and player induces the mouse cursor on they).

Many small details of card drawings are difficult to distinguish. For example, on a card that called “crystal flower” imaged funny rakoans, one of them (to the discontent of another) consume carrots. Until today, I did not notice this, until I got to the site of one of the artists involved in the creation of this game and showing some existing drawings in large size and very high quality. I know that drawings have no effect on the balance or something, but they definetly affect on faeria atmosphere.

Not a big deal someone can said, but i disagree :slight_smile:
Faeria have own atmosphere (and certainly unique concept of gameplay with fields, lands, wells and other things) and in contrast of other strategy card game (thanks to artists) looks fairy and kind.
Wish that faeria have a bright future.

P.S. I’m little upset about android version of the game. Hope you know what you are doing, and it was necessary step.

It would be great if you offered a rematch button for the loser of an online ladder battle for after the match, where you can play the same decks against your opponent. There have been many games where I would have liked to see more of my opponent’s deck, and/or have my deck come out better after a bad starting hand. Also, have you considered starting with 4 card hands rather than 3? It seems there are too many games, especially against rush, where a bad opening hand leads to a near instant loss. In a game of strategy, minimizing luck is a worthy goal, and I feel that too often, the starting hand determines the game outcome, especially against rush.
Thanks for your consideration!