Account reset q

Is it possible to reset all progress?


Unfortunately not. Can I ask what the issue is, please?

Me and my friend wonders the same thing. The issue is that we have learned the game now and that we did some foolish stuff that can’t be undone. Like deleting a couple of decks etc.

Our option right now is to start a new steam account, register a new faeria account. Seem like a lot to do though…

You can always rebuild your decks and recraft your cards, of course you need to grind some Memoria for that, but overall the game is really rewarding and not grindy at all.

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Hi, I want to know the same thing, my account was created when faerai almost began, I leveled a lot, but never got any cards really, now that the game is vastly different in terms of how it progresses, I can’t really play verses anyone, as most of my cards are just from the starter deck, I want to restart so I can start from level 1 again. is there any way to do that?