Add A Match And A General Chat To Increase Social Activity

Like seriously, there’s no chat in this game?

The devs are pushing so many social options like “well played” or the new co-op boss battles but we still can’t communicate outside of 5 generic phrases?!

I think that to really encourage social activity in Faeria is by letting me tell my opponent that I would love to rematch him against that deck. Or to discuss strategies ingame and make new friends.

Why doesn’t Faeria have a general and a team chat?

Just ban abusers or limit it to casual only. And maybe implement an option to hide it.

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It also distinguishes Faeria from other card games like cough cough Hearthstone

You could always add them as friends and then play against them. Plus, then you would have the option to chat with them too :slight_smile:
I think hearthstone implemented it the same way.

I think this system is better than to deal with flamers.


There is no “just ban abusers”. When you ban someone, It’s WAY too late already. You surely lost one player, possibly much more. I do not see a reason for chat to exist - except for team chat once co-op lands.

There are games I would love to play, but cannot stand their communities. So no, I’m fine with no chat.


And you could always spam on the forum :smiley:
The community here is great :wink:

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And discord is a good place to talk with people as well.

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Sounds like a good idea, in theory. In practice though, I have played a lot of F2P MMOs in the past, where General chat is between 60-90% “gold spam”. So, as they say, “Thanks, but no, thanks”

I like the rematch idea.
Who gets to change decks, though?

What about 3 suggestions:

  • Single rematch, same decks.
  • Single rematch, can change deck.
  • Best of 3, loser can change deck (including loser of 1st game).

As for chat, I understand the arguments, but I’ll have to vote no. The huge potential downside of spam seems worse than the large upside.