Add export option to decks/deckbuilding (export decks to hub)

Add a way to export your decks to the hub easily. Either by an in-game option, or by allowing the game to let you copy the deck via a text notation, that you can copy and paste into the hub so it will churn out your deck.

This is especially important for pandora, so I know what’s in my drafted deck, I can just copy and paste a text notation and put it in another window


Yes, some way to record and share your deck without having to take two screenshots then edit them together please. :sweat_smile: The way it is now is just too much work.

Yeah true :frowning: Or building a deck from a screenshot. I have constantly to switch back and forth between the client and my browser :frowning:

It would be a great feature.
It can work in this way: to every deck (created in-game or in the hub) can be associated an alphanumeric code (automatically generated based on cards that are in the deck). In the game there will be a text field where you can paste the code (copied on The Hub) if you are building a new deck; or where you find the code of the deck that you have builded in game (so you can easy copy it in The Hub, where there will be a similar text field).

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Ops… Blizzard has just done a similar system for Hearthstone :slight_smile: