Adding a second level of swallow-ception for Crystal Flower

Hi guys, I was thinking that adding the possibility to swallow Azure Skywhale (with a creature already swallowed) only to Crystal Flower, could be a simple and quite effective tweak to give a strong defense to all the players against whale colossus. I hope this idea can help :slight_smile:


That adds a lot of complexity. You’ve then got a rule about an interaction between two specific cards (ok, Krog does too, but he’s the Ogre King). You’ve also got extra complexity from nesting swallows - including the issue of how you display them.

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it’s not complex mate. they have just to re-enable swallow function with whales too when the players play Crystal Flower. It’s just the procedure that selects the targets that has to be rolled back (cause they initially implemented the swallow-ception). Graphically it’s just a second icons near the swallowed one just for Crystal Flowers when a whale is the target.
Their initial implementation had no limits, that was a problem with graphical issues. One level (like now) or two level (specifically in the case I m pointing) it’s not really complex to imagine and realize.

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I should say, IMHO it’s complex relative to the rest of Faeria, which generally has very simple rules. It’s not complex for people to understand though, sure.

IMHO cards like that don’t fit well within the game. Especially if you think to the future, when other swallow creatures might be added. Will they need special rules too?

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Actually the top decks that are using earth-craft to deploy whales (mostly 3-wishes for what I have encountered in top leagues), are abusing a lot of whales early played. I could be wrong cause I don’t know all the new creatures from the Oversky, but at the moment the only 2 creatures with Swallow gift are Skywhales (very offensive with high impact on the board and hard to remove, because they have high vitality, wide mobility, possibility to double collection and require multiple cards/sacrifice to be removed in general) and Crystal Flower (versatile structure with middle impact we could say, not so hard to remove).

My only concern in this thread was to give to all the players a defense to survive to whales invasions :slight_smile:

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I think it’s an interesting idea and these discussions are valuable for when Abrakam decides how and if they are going to tune some of the new Overksky cards.