Adventure pouch Discussion

I enjoyed Oversky especially when playing with a friend. However, the pouch and emperor do have a time limit and it means that the earlier you get access and purchase the pouch, the better. Was late but i feel that waiting for the next expansion would be better. So, by owning the cheapest pioneer pouch it only means 2 things,

  1. Mythic Chest
  2. A pouch that you will be able to get access to emperor’s battle and the rewards of current expansion

Some people may think that it might be worth it, considering getting the beginner’s pack and purchase it using the GEMS. You get a legendary and some booster chests in addition.

And just a feedback to our dearest developers, i had played with a friend(Which owns pouch) that has access to emperor’s battle but due to the difficulty level, we had tried several times before winning.
In the end, i feel that it might be better to have some kind of small reward for players that do not have access to the pouch but was invited by a friend (Only once per day).

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