Adventure Pouch: Oversky FAQ

Here we provide the answers to a selection of commonly asked questions about the Adventure Pouch and Faeria’s first official expansion: The Oversky.

To see a brief rundown of what the Oversky contains, be sure to check the main Adventure Pouch: Oversky overview.

The Oversky Adventure

What is the Oversky?

The Oversky is a series of floating islands that rests high above the clouds, far out of view from the average eye. Recently discovered, this tropical paradise is now under threat by the Emperor of Mirnast, Kaios, who seeks to strip the land of its resources and treasures. Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to join Fugoro and Sharra on an adventure to explore the Oversky and stop the Emperor at all costs. Along the way you’ll encounter a variety of exotic creatures, fantastic treasures, and even a new race of furry inhabitants known as the Rakoa.

How can I access the Oversky?

The adventure into the Oversky is contained under the new “Adventure” tab. After clicking Adventure, you’ll be able to choose between Missions, World Bosses, or the Oversky.

Once you select the Oversky, you’ll be presented with map of the islands. Clicking on an island will present you with the option to purchase it, if you have not already done so.

Once you purchase an island, you’ll be able to access all missions within that island, but you must complete them in sequential order.

The Oversky is locked for any player with an account under level 7, to ensure they have enough experience elsewhere before diving into this new, wild world.

How big is the Oversky?

The Oversky itself contains five different islands, each with its own set of sequential missions. Each island has a set of cards to unlock and add to your collection.

There are 33 new cards in total to obtain from the Oversky, as well as one additional Pandora treasure that will be available to everyone.

All cards of the Oversky display the Oversky’s watermark behind all card text.

In addition to the five islands, there will be a Limited Boss Battle available to participate in for a limited time. (see more below)

Which missions in the Oversky are co-op? How do Co-op missions work?

All missions in the Oversky are Co-op missions.

When starting a co-op mission, you’ll have an option to select your co-op partner. This partner may either be a special AI ally character, or a real player from your friends list.

In a co-op mission, both players share the same orb life, and can use friendly effects on one another. To see your ally’s resources, mouse-over their Orb to see a detailed display.

All creatures, structures and lands controlled by your ally have a different base color.

Do I need to own the Oversky island to be invited into a Co-op mission as an ally?

No! Anyone can be invited to an Oversky co-op mission. However if you do not own the island or have already completed it, you will not receive the associated reward for that mission.

Will there be rewards for repeating missions?

There will be no rewards for repeating island missions in the Oversky, but the mighty Emperor of Mirnast will bring you a new co-op challenge every day. See more about that below.

If you are invited as an ally to a co-op mission that you do not own or have not progressed to, will you receive the rewards for it?

Yes. Even if you do not own the island you will receive any XP or NPC ally rewards.

The Emperor’s Challenge

How does the Emperor’s Challenge work?

The Emperor’s Challenge (known also as the Limited Boss Battle for the Oversky) is a daily co-op challenge mission against the mighty Emperor of Mirnast himself, Kaios.

The first time you defeat him each day, you will earn points for your Adventure Pouch. (see below)

In order to challenge the Emperor, you’ll need to invite a friend. NPC allies cannot assist you in the Emperor’s Challenge.

How can I access the Emperor’s Challenge?

You can access the Emperor’s Challenge by clicking the Adventure Pouch on the main screen after logging in, or by clicking on the Emperor’s Ship which can be found flying toward the Oversky on the World Boss map.

The Limited Boss Battle mission will be available until the Adventure Pouch for the Oversky closes, on Monday, October 9th, 23:59 CEST.

How many times can you play the Emperor’s Challenge?

As many times as you want! However, you will only receive Adventure Pouch points once a day for defeating it.

##The Adventure Pouch

What is the Adventure Pouch?

The Adventure Pouch is a special item you can obtain to help explore the Oversky. It will level up based on daily activities you participate in, and award you exclusive cosmetics as it levels up. You can obtain the Adventure Pouch by purchasing the Pioneer Pouch pack or the Supporter Pouch pack (see more below).

The Adventure Pouch will remain open for two months to help you explore the Oversky. Once it closes, you will no longer be able to use it.

How can I access my Adventure Pouch?

The Adventure Pouch, while available, is located in the middle area of the main menu screen, sitting in the grass next to Sharra. You can access it at any time by clicking it to check its status.

How can I level up my Adventure Pouch?

The following actions will level up your Pouch:

  • 1 PvP Win = 2 points
  • 1 Wild Pack completed = 5 points
  • 1 World Boss defeated = 5 points
  • 1 Oversky mission defeated = 5 points
  • 1 daily Emperor’s Challenge completed = 10 points

Points you earn will accumulate over time. After you earn a certain amount of points, you’ll receive the following rewards:

  • Every 10 points - A mythic copy of one of your Oversky cards.
  • If you already have a full set of Mythic versions of all the Oversky cards you own, you will receive this reward the next time you purchase an island and get new cards.
  • 50 points - Kaios’ Card Back
  • 100 points - Kaios’ Wells
  • 200 points - Kaios’ Orb
  • 300 points - Kaios’ Avatar and Emotes
  • 400 points - Oversky Day Shore
  • 500 points - Oversky Night Shore

You can check the amount of points your Adventure Pouch has at any time by clicking it on the main screen you see after logging in.

When does the Adventure Pouch:Oversky close?

  • Adventure Pouch Oversky opens: August 7th
  • Adventure Pouch: Oversky closes: Monday, October 9th (23:59:59 UTC)

What happens when the Adventure Pouch:Oversky closes?

Once the Adventure Pouch closes:

  • The Emperor’s Challenge will no longer be available.
  • Adventure Pouch bundles are no longer available for purchase
  • The Adventure Pouch is removed, and you can no longer level it up to receive rewards

If I have previously defeated a World Boss, will I retroactively receive the levels for it?

Yes. In fact, the Adventure Pouch rewards ALL points retroactively from the date it opens.

This means all World Bosses, Oversky missions, and PVP wins retroactively award Adventure Pouch points once you purchase it before it closes.

Can I choose to have the Oversky shore for every PvP game, or is it random?

Shores refer to the in-game backgrounds that surround the center playing field, or ocean. There are many such shores already in-game, and they are selected at random each time you begin a game. Once you unlock the Oversky shores, these now have a chance to appear in each of your games.

Is the Emperor cosmetic set exclusive to Adventure Pouch: Oversky?

Yes. Kaios’ cosmetics are exclusive to the Adventure Pouch:Oversky. It also, for the first time in Faeria, features voice acted emotes!

What does the Emperor cosmetic set look like?

Oversky release timeline

  • Monday, August 7th
  • The Adventure Pouch opens, and the Emperor’s Challenge becomes available
  • Tuesday, August 15th
  • The first and second islands of the Oversky unlock
  • Includes 10 brand new cards!
  • Tuesday, August 22nd
  • Third island of the Oversky unlocks
  • Includes 7 brand new cards!
  • Tuesday, August 29th
  • Fourth island of the Oversky unlocks
  • Includes 8 brand new cards!
  • Tuesday, September 5th
  • Fifth island of the Oversky unlocks
  • Includes 8 brand new cards!

Purchasing Oversky content

How much does it cost to unlock the content of the Oversky?


The first island in the Oversky is available for free! No purchase necessary.

The other four islands of the Oversky are available for purchase individually, or in bundle form.

  • Each individual island: 9500 gold or 2000 gems
  • Oversky island bundle (all islands): 6500 gems

Each island you own will lower the price of the bundle by 80% of its gem value, until you own them all.

How many cards do the islands contain?

Each island contains a set amount of cards as a reward that you will be able to see before you purchase it. Upon completing the island you will receive a full playset of each card. (1x of each Legendary, 3x of the rest)

There are 33 new cards in total (3 Common, 12 Rare, 11 Epic, 7 Legendary) to obtain from the Oversky, as well as one additional Pandora treasure (Ulani’s Medallion) that will be available to everyone.

All cards of the Oversky display the Oversky’s watermark behind all card text.

Do the cards unlock as soon as I buy the island?

Yes. It is not necessary to complete missions in order to receive the cards and use them. Completing Oversky missions will help level up your Adventure Pouch and reward experience.

Will Oversky cards appear in Pandora?

Yes. Cards from the Oversky are shuffled into Pandora, they’re treated the same way as other core set cards. They will be added to Pandora as soon as they are released in-game.

Will Oversky cards appear from cards like Spellwhirl or Bloomsprite?


What are all cards available in the Oversky?

Adventure Pouch Bundles:

In addition to the island bundle, there are Adventure Pouch bundles available as well. These bundles were previously available as a pre-order, and some players may already start with them.

Purchasing an Adventure Pouch bundle provides you the following:

  • Pioneer Pouch bundle - 3250 Gems
  • Adventure Pouch
  • Access to the Emperor’s Challenge
  • 1 Mythic Chest
  • Supporter Pouch Bundle - 10750 Gems
  • Adventure Pouch
  • Access to the Emperor’s Challenge
  • 1 Mythic Chest
  • Fugoro Adventure cosmetic set
  • ALL islands in the Oversky Campaign

Can I upgrade from the Pioneer to Supporter pouch? What if I already own some of the items in a bundle?

Yes you can, the bundles are dynamically priced!

Each item you already own within a bundle will discount the total price of the bundle by 80% of its gem worth.

For example, if you already have purchased one of the islands, which normally cost 2000 gems, the price of both bundles will decrease by 1600.

The same goes for purchasing the Supporter Pouch bundle after the Pioneer Pouch bundle. You’ll be discounted 80% of the Pioneer Pouch bundle’s price.

Will Oversky cards be craftable or come from Battle Chests?

For now, cards from the Oversky will neither be craftable or disenchantable.

They will also not be available from Battle Chests.

You mentioned awarding a Mythic Chest to everyone who participated in the War Effort previously once Oversky is released, where is mine?

We’ll be sending those out very soon! Expect them next week when the first islands roll out.

Five islands? What happened to the six quest packs?

Originally our plan was to stuff Oversky content into quest packs in the style you may already be familiar with, however we found this just wasn’t special enough for what we thought the Oversky should be. Instead, we decided to distribute the content into a more fascinating and interactive landscape, the foundation of which we built with the development of our recent World Bosses. In the process of doing this we ended up with 5 islands instead of a standard quest pack structure, resulting in a more interesting and engaging experience.

Oversky card mechanics

The Oversky introduces two new fundamental mechanics to Faeria:

  • Wild land costs
  • The Swallow keyword

Below you’ll find answers to many of the questions you may have about these.

Wild lands

What is the “Wild” land mechanic, and how does it work?

The Oversky will introduce a new type of land requirement: Wild.

Wild land requirements appear as a ‘rainbow colored’ requirement where land costs normally appear on a card.

Wild land requirements can be satisfied by possessing any one of the four existing special lands: Mountain, Lake, Desert, or Forest.

“If a card costs one Forest and one Wild land, will having one Forest satisfy both requirements?”

No. Wild land requirements will be in addition to any other special land requirement a card might have. In this case, you would need one Forest and one of any other special land (the additional special land could be a second Forest).

“Do creatures that require only Wild lands need to be summoned on a special land?”

No. Wild land costs do not influence casting zones for creatures.

“Does Punishment deal 5 damage to creatures that only cost Wild lands?”

Yes. Creatures that only cost Wild lands are considered Neutral. For this same reason, Wild land cards would not be drawn by cards that generate cards of any specific color, such as Spellwhirl.


What does the tooltip for Swallow say?

  • Swallow: Imprisons a creature inside this. When this dies, the creature is released.

Can you Swallow a creature from anywhere on the board?

Yes. Any card with Swallow can swallow any creature on the board, regardless of where it is placed.

Where does the Swallowed creature go when the host dies?

The swallowed creature will reappear on the same tile where the creature that swallowed it was destroyed.

When a creature of mine that was swallowed is released on my turn, can it move and attack?

No. Creatures that are released from Swallow must wait a full turn to recover, even if they have haste.

Will using a transform effect such as Frogify destroy the swallowed creature?


Will the imprisoned creature continue to have effects on the board, such as Shaytan Demon or Blood Singer?

No. Swallowed creatures are considered to be out of play until they are released again.

Will the imprisoned creature continue to grow or change, such as an Aurora’s Disciple?


If my creature is swallowed by an opponent’s Skywhale, and the Skywhale is destroyed over the ocean - will the released creature drown at the end of my turn?


What if you use a card such as Demon Wrangler, Oath of Oblivion, or Doom Scythe on a creature that has swallowed something?

The swallowed creature appears on the same tile, and the summoned creature has no place to exist. Therefore, the summoned creature does not appear.

The End

You’ve reached the end! I bet you didn’t read it all, though.

This FAQ may be updated from time to time as necessary, as more questions roll in.

Enjoy the Oversky!


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