Adventure Pouch Pre-Order

Where is the option to pre-order the Adventure Pouch with Gems?

I can’t find one. What’s the point of having Gems if you can’t spend them on new content and still have to buy new things with Cash? #FeelsBad


Especially since some people already spent cash on gems

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I’m pretty sure you still need cash for the pouch. But that’s a really good feature if implemented.

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Cash only does seem to be the case right now … hopefully it just got overlooked in the rush to release the war effort update, because if was intentional that’s a pretty sketchy business tactic, which will backfire in the long run.

Imagine if a company like Riot Games released a new skin for LoL that was cash only and RP wasn’t allowed; that would be a PR disaster.

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I don’t see why you would assume you can buy expansions with gems. You can’t buy mythic chests with gold. Gems are used for in-game cosmetics and as an option to those who don’t want to grind gold. It makes perfect sense to me that expansions are cash only.

You have 2 month to pre-order it. Wait & see. If in one month you have no info it wouls be still time to ask for clarification. :wink:

Honestly I’m happy that the announcement was so early. I can save 4,5€ / month and pre-order it without feeling it. ^^

I’d like to point out that this question will likely be answered in today’s Faeria Friday blog post, as many players are concerned about it.

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Hey @Zylus,

Do you know when the blog post is coming. I am also interested in this topic. Thank you.

faeria friday news is generally at the end of th day, like in 3 or 4 hours from now.

Here is the official word from the new FAQ:

Will I be able to pre-order with Gems?

This is an option that we are currently investigating but it has some technical difficulties that we aren’t sure that we can overcome quickly

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