Advice needed for Rapala Wild Mission

When I was doing the ordinary mission packs, the hardest one for me was the Rapala Fatigue epic quest. And now I got it again, in Wild missions. Except now it seems to be harder, with even more taunts, even yellow rush doesn’t work anymore… Could someone please suggest a deck or a strategy they beat the mission with? Should I wait for Fuguoro’s treasures to pop up, and are they truly random or the same every time?

And another question, maybe a silly one. If the deck limit is 30 cards, does it mean that the treasures replace my existing cards, or do they not count towards the total?

Thanks in advance.

Which Rapala mission is the fatigue mission? What does it entail? I haven’t played the wild missions yet, and it’s been a while since I played against Rapala (that demon spawn :rage: ), so I’m just wondering what his trick is in that one.
The Fugoro treasures are added to your deck. The 30 card limit only applies when you are building a deck. If your decks end up with more than 30 cards while in the middle of a game, that’s no sweat.

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It’s the one where she destroys your deck and you take damage every turn. It’s very similar to the one in the standard missions, except you get Fuguoro and treasures about half way through.

I have asked a person in my friends list to help, so I beat this mission now. For those still struggling - at least one of the solutions involves rushing towards the orb with green tanks. In my case, it was a heavily buffed tiki caretaker :slight_smile: Although some people prefer to rush with neutral/yellow flyers, just like the first mission

Yellow rush was how I beat that one the first time too. That was my least favorite Rapala mission. I had been using my red combat deck for practically everything up to that point, and then this throws me the worst curve ball by destroying my deck!! I hated that!! I was very salty, and I practically threw myself a party when I beat him after the FIFTH TIME!

Can´t remember the quest that well, but the very first deck I scraped together was a yellow/red -mix that contained soul pacts, flame bursts, battle ogres, ogre battlerers, demon wings, oblivion riders and some elementals, etc… Worked suprisingly well, riders could get to the orb from far and if I managed to get land there, ogres were hard to deal with and battlelers protected them. Oh, and had some neutral taunts as well.

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I actually just run into that quest, I used red combat creatures like herald of war, grim guard and shedim brute, pretty much all combat creatures 5 faeria or less and salamanders to help with the 0-2 taunts. Had damage spells and gift of steels in the deck as well, but didn´t draw any, the creatures were enough.

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i might try again with my red combat. i was a lot newer to the game back then. i’d like to think i have a little better idea of what i’m doing now.:sweat_smile:

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I´m still relatively new, but the red combat (which I crafted for the missions) seems like a fun deck to play.