Again no nerf to Windstorm Charger?

Am I the only one fed up with this card? It’s so blatantly obvious that WC is OP, but still it’s not nerfed. 2/4 is already pretty decent for a 3 Mana creature with an effect. In addition it gets Charge 2, which should be balanced and enough for a 3 Mana creature (maybe even a bit over the curve). But hey, let’s just give him one of the best abilities in the game, too. +2 Attack for every Event played, so it can efficiently trade up. Oh, and let’s put it in the color with the highest mobility in Events, so it can practically reach any point on the map anytime. Seriously, is there anyone who can defend this card? Please, if you have any arguments why it is balanced, respond.


No, you are right, genrally speaking, EVERY card with movement has to get a much higher price, but Windstom charger is the worst of it. It has even without charge and without his effect a cost efficiency of 100%. With 2 events played he becomes a 6/4 with charge witch is 166% cost effective from the stats alone. I guess he would be fine, if the were not so many cheap events in the yellow deck and the windstrom colossus who become hyper cost efficient.

My suggestion would be that he loses 2 Attack and 2 HP, making him a 0/2 overall. So you have to play at least 2 events to incease his cost efficiency above 100%.

Alternatives would be to incerese his land cost by 3 or his fareia cost by 4, so that it gets harder to get the early value trades with him that give you board control.

But the problem is not restricted to the windstorm charger. A lot of blue cards for example do not get high costs for their ability to jump, while green jumpers for example have to pay for that ability (Ruunins messenger has poor stats for its cost and God Eater and Feral Kodama have negative effects) . Of course you could say that board control is the spirit of blue and yellow cards, but then they should not have cost efficient big creatures like Windstorm colossus and wavecrash colossus. Especially when comparing yellow and blue to green I have to notice that these two colours seem to be stronger than green in every phase of the game (well at least if we take Ruunin out).

There is a reason why blue dream reaver and yellow events are everywhere.

I’m agree charger probably need a little nerf.

But yellow event is not everywhere for me, same as DR deck i meet rarely compare to crackthorne or Y rush.

I think balance is ok actually but need a change of the meta cause it’s become boring.

Hopefully expansion is coming :stuck_out_tongue: