Again, why isnt there a rent or full buy option?

There was a time 2 years ago that I was very excited about this game. I paid over 100 bucks just to support it

There was a time last year when I was disappointed because they removed the full paid option. I stuck around and try to support it

There was a time in recent months when I just stopped playing in my 2 accounts, because of the lack of players. None of my friends sticks around

Now I came back to check and honestly… cant help to be further disappointed at the expansion’s model: yet another copy of Hearthstone’s adventures. 400 players daily, you either play a hardened veteran or a newbie.

Sorry to bring this again as I have posted before but this failure is all reduced to a core problem:

- Faeria is trying to snatch a piece of Hearthstone’s pie, but that can’t be done cloning it’s F2P (P2W as in practice they all are) business.

HS - people get hooked for the illusion of reaching legend (everyone thinks they can because of high randomness that makes them feel they will get lucky some day) and the addiction of getting the little cents every day to build up a collection that is astronomically prized.

Many players just can’t stop playing even though they don’t enjoy doing it AT ALL. That includes many streamers and if you are familiar with that scene you know who they are/were.

Players that come here either went through HS or are going through it.
Those players are burnt of the grinding. They will hate grinding here, SPECIALLY when they see the increased difficulty and lack of players - remember, you either play a newbie or a total veteran that is a guaranteed defeat.

They abandon the game, they either keep burning themselves in HS or stopped the F2P addiction altogether.

I am still hopeful this game can move it’s business to full paid or rent (pay 10$ a month to have access to all the collection for a month, for example) and let players just skip the grind.

How to get your players hooked?

  1. some wacky gamemode (dont randomize Pandora again please) that changes monthly or weekly
  2. Get the best f2p guys to compete for spots where they get a Month pass to all the collection. That will make the player base increase and thus, make our experience better: facing a wider range of skill in oponents

Hope the best for this game, see you after my holidays

I personally know the feeling of Hearthstone addiction. I have all golden heroes, with almost 1,500 wins with Warlock. BUT I haven’t really enjoyed the game for quite some time. These days I play Faeria and other ccgs and turn-based strategy/tactical fantasy games on Steam. I still play some HS, but not daily, and never like I did in the past.

Putting aside the pay model–which may be the very reason Faeria lacks popularity–I love the tactical play of Faeria. I truly wish the game was more popular as I think it plays better than a lot of the other ccgs out there currently (and I’ve tried just about all of them).

Eventually, I think, though, that I will wind up returning to playing single-player turn-based combat games (some of which incorporate cards). When I look at Faeria vids on Youtube they often hardly have any views or comments. Seems a shame that such a cool game is overlooked in favor of the rng-based clown fiesta that HS has become.

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I love Faeria so much too but i’m really afraid about the future of the game.

Last months less and less people play it. Sometimes i have to wait 2-3 minutes before a game launch.
It’s not horrible in fact but i remember the down of Duel of champion start like that.

I don’t care about popularity but just hope Faeria will not crash like DOC … (loved Duel of Champion, i was really sad when ubisoft kill it).

About the economic model of faeria i think it’s perfect now, really generous for f2p players.

I have to say I disagree with some of what is said in the original post. While I do agree that having periodically changing alternative game modes (though that is also copying Hearthstone, who also wasn’t the first one to do this either) would be a great addition, I’d say that a lot of the things that the devs are doing for Faeria are spot on:

  • Great progression for new players with a functioning ranked system, draft arena and plenty of single player content.

  • Very generous rewards which allow players to quickly build fairly competitive decks (A decent player should be able to build a deck that can get to within rank 10 in the first month).

At least, this is my impression as a new player. I don’t think I’ve seen another game CCG do a better job of bringing me in. Would you have any examples of a game where that has a better new player experience?

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