AI issue vs Sharra

I drew Sharra, Dragonslayer from one of my first packs, and noticed a funny AI bug (?) when playing against Magda - she tried to use her Punishment card (deal 3 damage or 5 against neutral) on her twice in a row, doing nothing (since she ignores all damage above 3). I don’t know if the AI is supposed to do such stupid things on purpose, maybe that’s “intentional”.

No, not intentional, probably just a coding conflict, unless you had lethal, then the AI gets kinda desperate.

No, she was defending my side of the board. I was really confused when I looked away, then saw two Punishments in the action log but all of my creatures were intact.

yeah, the AI probably considers it a 2 damage spell with a secondary effect of the bonus damage, which it doesn’t check when choosing a target.