Al_ Terramor's puzzle: warming up

Do you have what it takes to complete the mighty Al_Terramor’s challenge? Beware: this puzzle is not for weaklings!

Instructions: Defeat the opponent before they can react.
Note: The creatures on the board have modified stats.
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Cards used on the board: (left to right, top to bottom)
Equinox Automation
Annoying Gnat
Prairie Yak
Weeping Idol
King’s Guard
Plague Bearer

Cards in hand (left to right):
Balloon Fish
Crystal Flower

Flameburst Ruby
The Emperor’s Command

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Use famine, use crystal flower on plague bearer, summon Fugoro, choose Ulani’s Medallion and use it on the Equinox Automaton. Use flame ruby to deal 3 damage to everything and use emperor’s command on the crystal flower to free the plague bearer. Use balloon fish to swallow the plague bearer, dash it on an empty space, use flame burst on the balloon fish, use the second famine, use +1 faeria from the power wheel and end your turn. The plague bearer will die from that, thus dealing the last 2 damage necessary to kill the remaining Equinox Automatons made by Ulani’s Medallion.

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