All About Monthly Cup Campaign Posts

This forum category is for posting campaign posts for the purpose of informing voters in the Monthly Cup.

What is voting?

Each month, players are able to vote for their favorite Faeria player and earn them a spot in the Monthly Cup. The top 2 voted players each month will join the competition for $3300!

Click the link above to vote for a player.

Note that during the week before an active Monthly Cup, voting is not available.

What is a campaign post?

A campaign post is simply a way for you to share information to others who might vote for you. If you make a campaign post here, it will be linked to your username on the voting page and be shown by clicking an information button.

How do I make a campaign post?

  1. Create a topic in this forum category (Monthly Cup Campaign Posts) with your username in the title.
  2. Wait for approval.
  3. Done!

You can put anything you like in your campaign post, including images, as long as it follows our standard Code of Conduct.

Don’t be shy. This is your time to shine. If you’re stuck, try some of these ideas in your posts:

  • Create a campaign poster image and put it at the top of your post. Example: “Make Yellow great again!”
  • Provide a list of past Faeria accomplishments, big and small
  • Try answering the following questions in your post:
  • Why do you want to compete in the Monthly Cup?
  • What other card games have you played?
  • What is your favorite deck?

If all else fails, just be creative. This is your way to stand out from all the other names on the list.

Most importantly - have fun with it! :rubyfish:

Is it allowed to do a post for other players?

Sure! If a player requests to take it down though, we’ll do that.