Allowing more than 30 cards in a deck builder

I can understand why you don’t want to allow more than 30 cards for the play (however, there can be cases when it would be nice — like Highlander-style tournaments, where you can have just one of each card in a deck).

But what I’d like to see — an ability to add more than 30 cards in a deck while you’re in deckbuilder. You can still disallow playing this deck, like you’re doing it when there are not enough cards, but allowing more than 30 cards while in a deck building step would make it so much easier, as you could at first just throw all the cards you’d like to see in a deck, and then just remove them until you’d get to a 30 cards limit. I used this way of deck building both in Magic and Scrolls and it is so much faster than what it is there now.

This would also mean no “locking” cards in deck builder, so you could always see: 1) their rarity, 2) how many of those cards you have there.

Completely agree! Adding everything we want and then removing stuff feels like the most natural way to make a deck.

Great suggestion. I agree :slight_smile: The “locking” part is not so good when you help friends builds decks for example (because you dont know what cards they have)

Excellent idea! :slight_smile:

I get what you are saying here , but I personally never do that.
Do realize that the game is still in early access tho and I (Personally) don’t think that the deckbuilder shroud be a priority.
Sure Importing and Exporting decks would be great (especially when it comes to deck validation in Tournaments) but for now its ok as it is.

For anyone interested there is a browser based deck builder on faeriadecks (do you can only add 30 cards here as well).

Not to be dull, but I think the 30 cards format is just “ok”, and not only because it’s a popular format used by many actual games like HeartStone, Chronicles : Runescape, etc…

To allow more cards in a deck doesn’t mean only to get more cards along the game, it also needs to be balanced in the new format(s), or would have to be considered like that. it’s a very different kind of thing, and implies other aspects of the game like how many multiple copies of cards are allowed.

And I think it would be a lot of work.

In this topic I’m not talking about the deck limit, but only for the deck builder limit. It already makes it possible to add fewer cards and save as is with the deck not being valid for play. I want it to have a way to add more than 30 and save, and also it not to be valid to play. That’s just a deck-building tool enhancement.

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I know. I was just expressing my feelings about the 30 cards limit choice for playing :wink:
Regarding your deck-building tool enhancement, I guess it could be useful and would make the deck-building step faster, though it would be a minor feature.