Always first player

For roughly the last 10 games I have been the first player. I’m usually the last person to claim RNG is rigged but these odds are starting to get outlandish. Any idea what might be going on?

Had a second-player game today! Maybe I fixed something or maybe I had just been wildly lucky!

Odds are 1 in 2^10 = 1 in 1024 for any set of 10 games. So that is quite likely to happen to everyone if they play long enough.

And there’s so many things controlled by random you’re bound to hit very unlikely ones every now and then, like starting with the same 3 legends 2 games in a row (~1 in 30^3), or every hit of hellfire landing on the orb when there’s 1 other creature to hit (1 in 512, so it’s probably happened lots).

I just had an observed game where I was going to surrender if I didn’t draw 2 specific treasures next turn. Got em - void guardian and hammer.