Can we nerf Magnus, King of Meroval? The card single=handedly wins games even when you draw a pretty shitty hand. I started off with 3 high cost cards one was Meroval, then I got a 3 cost explorer and with 2 faeria wells and an opponent that put his creature in a position to get hit by mine I got 10 Mana total, and summon Magnus next turn… Ok I set it up strategically to be able to play him, but holy sht is it an instant win when you get him on the map. You literally need to frogify him or take him down in 1 hit, but honestly who knows what you can draw your next turn. Could be a meteor strike or another high cost card, which puts you way too far ahead in the game.

Think of it like this. I play Magnus, which is a 4/8, which means he will probably require 2-3 hits usually 2 to take down, but consider the resources I’m putting in to take him down. I might be using a flame burst which is 3 mana, champions… ETC ETC OVERALL I’M USING RESOURCES TO TAKE HIM DOWN PEOPLE. The only way you get ahead if someone plays magnus is if you have a single target destroy card, which takes away his draw a card ability or something.

Magnus has way too much power for a single card and takes way too many resources for a player to take care of him effectively. Fix him. I’m not going to offer suggestions on fixing him because you will probably ignore them anyways, but the very least thing we can do is come to an understanding that Magnus needs to be nerfed.

I dont think anyone will agree with you. 10 Faeria is a pretty heavy investment and in most cases there are better ways to spend 10 Faeria. If you have 10 Faeria to spend on a subpar creature that has no immediate impact on the board, youre most likely pretty far ahead anyway. Sure he can get out of hand, if he does not get removed (e.g. last nightmare will trade 4 Faeria positive, what is a huge advantage), if he gets to fight more than once and if you get some good hits out of him. To get a high probability for that, you have to build your deck with a high curve. Altogether thats by far not reliable enough to even make him a high tier card. In fact the only (semi) competetive deck that runs him is bargain rush.

everyone who thinks the game should be skill centered should agree with him actually. magnus is really horrible design based on pure rng draw skills. the problem is abrakam thinks its fine (probably because magnus isnt in any competitive meta decks) which doesnt mean it isnt a card that shouldnt get changed, it absolutely should.

i doubt its ever gonna happen though, Magnus has been around for way too long also i think for many design choices abrakam is way too afraid of admitting mistakes by changing them.

Imo the game should be skill centered on a competetive level (where it does a pretty good job), but i rly dont mind casual games to be decided, because someone got lucky praying to rngesus. I guess we could agree (even if you dont like him from a design perspective), that he is not OP by any means.


Turn 3 Magnus (with Explore) can be gamebreaker, just like turn 3 Baeru.

I would go for turn 3 Baeru any day and its even 2 Faeria less.

I’m a big fan of the veritable human king, and the legend adds enough variety to the game to be a delight.

I can’t see nurfing him, but maybe if he were to cost less and just give a large discount instead of making things free, it might free him up to see more play.

I don’t want to give away my secrets, but right now I’m really not minding a curve cost of as little as 4 running hum, drawing a gift of steel does not hurt for impact value when you’re opponent’s not running removal and drawing it.